Monday, May 31, 2010

What Got done on THE Honey Do List?????

I know you are all wondering if anything got done on that gigantic list I posted.

I have crossed off everything that was completed:

-Weed the yard (this deserves before and after pictures if he does it as my gardens look like they belong in a trailer park, no offense to any trailer park dwellers reading this blog)

-Install the well pump (we have a well in our yard for watering so we don't have to pay the out of control water prices in this city for watering the lawn and flowers)

-Hang pictures (I have TONS of pictures that need hanging)WE GOT SOME PICTURES HUNG

-Install motion lights (we got new siding last year and someone never installed the new motion lights)

-Hang house numbers (yep, the pizza dude can finally find our house)I ORDERED A FANCY NEW PLAQUE FROM ETSY TO HANG ON THE HOUSE

-Get new shutters (hmmmmm, do I want white or black??) I went with white!

-Clean out garage (good luck honey)

-Clean out shed (another good luck honey)

-Clean out the cars (woot!!!!!)

-New heat register covers for inside the house (ones that Davis cannot break, which is what he did with our current ones, he is Houdini)

And a new item was added to the list after my original post which was to paint the wall behind our bed, we had some work done to the wall and it needed to be re-painted. This was actually something on my perma to do list over there on the side of this blog, it is crossed off now, see!!! It was a slight fiasco though, we painted the room 2 years ago, paint fades over time, we couldn't match it so I ended up taking the paint back to Lowe's having them darken in a bit and voila, accent wall!! I am LOVING it!! Not to mention it is my favorite shade, brown.

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Jen and Justin said...

good job on the list. and we are looking into sprinkler system - tapping into our well...let's hope it's something we can do because the STRAW YARD mid-summer is narly.