Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6 Month Stats!!!

Davis weighs: 16 lbs, 1 oz

Davis' height: 28.75 inches

He is in the 25th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height.

Maybe he will be the next LeBron James, LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Pictures of Mr. Man!!

Somedays I think I might, just might want another one because he is so stinking cute, but when he goes to bed for the night and I'm exhausted I re-think that idea. I cannot imagine taking care of Mr. Man while pregnant, I cannot imagine taking care of a newborn and Mr. Man at the same time. My luck I'd have twins, maybe we will just get another dog.

Speaking of dogs, Maizy escaped out the front door and across the front yard tonight. I had to chase after her in my socks, thank god my mom was over and she had the baby. I guess Maizy didn't like the Toledo Edison dude in our front yard. Funny thing about this is he looked scared to death of her. Grant it she is a big dog, but she is a labradoodle for gods sake. You can't get any whimpier than a doodle.

Chilling in his stroller

Trying to steal Maizy's lobster

Sleeping on Grandma aka the baby hog

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I bought Davis some Babylegs, here he is modeling one of each pattern I bought him, sooooooo cute!!! These things are awesome, I'll be buying more. I bought the blue ones for his 6 month pictures and the Christmas ones are for his Christmas card picture.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crawling Here We Come

The pictures speak for themselves, oh and I threw in a cute one of Davis and Maizy kissing. He isn't quite mobile yet, but he is trying like hell. Sorry they are blurry, but he was rocking back and forth.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can I Turn Back the Clock??

I would like newborn Davis back so I can keep my concrete tables in the family room a little longer. He started getting up on all fours every now and then a few weeks ago. Tonight he took it to the next level, he was up on all fours a million times and would rock back and forth when he got up.

Since Davis has this new trick we both decided it is time to look for a new coffee table and end tables that are friendlier than the current glass and concrete ones we have. I really love these tables we have, they are so cool and it will be so sad to not have them anymore.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo!!!

Yo Baby Whole Milk Organic Baby Yogurt that is!!!!!!

Davis loves this stuff, he could not get enough of it at lunch today.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Solid Food Breakthrough

Davis has been finicky about what he will eat since we started solids 2 months ago, somedays he'd be into it, then he'd hate food for a week, then he'd only eat cereal, then he refused all solid food for 2 weeks straight. The last 3 days though he has been loving all food, even fruit!! I couldn't get him to eat fruit to save my life before. Now he will eat it all, veggies, fruits, and cereal. Yay!!!!

Happy 6 Months Davis!!!!!

Wow!!! In 6 more months you will be 1 year old, where has the time gone? For real, where has it gone???? I swear you were still in my belly yesterday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What is Up with Fashion??

Jeff and I went to dinner tonight and you should see the way the girls these days dress. I was apalled. I'm sorry, but when you are 17 years old you do not, I repeat, do not wear a dress that barely covers your ass with hot pink stilettos. How in the world do they get past their parents dressed this way??

Another thing I do not understand is women who are cleary older, not that anything is wrong with being older, I mean 40 is the new 30. I'm in my early 30s, but I know that I can't dress like I'm in high school. Anyways, this woman was probably 45ish, she had a nice body, but she was older because she had the face of a 45 year old. She had on skinny jeans, a very tight top and some sort of ridiculous platformish stiletto type heels. My husband and I could not stop staring at that one.

If you ever see me in a lacey mini-dress with stilettos please toss me a pair of sweats.

Kirkland (Costco) Diaper Review

I have only used Pampers since Davis arrived, while he was in NB to size 2 we used Pampers Swaddlers and when he outgrew the size 2 we had to move up to Pampers Cruisers in size 3. I still am going to write Pampers and tell them they need to make bigger sizes of Swaddlers, but that is besides the point of my post.

I thought I'd give another brand of diapers a try, so we bought Kirkland brand diapers sold at Costco and I have to say that I'm impressed. For a store brand diaper they are really nice. We have been using them off and on all week since I'm not totally out of Pampers yet and I have not had one issue. Am I going to switch over to Kirkland? Maybe, I am supposed to be cloth diapering, remember?? LOL At the rate I'm going Davis will be potty trained before I actually get off my butt and order more cloth diapers.

I give Kirkland Diapers 2 thumbs up!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Davis Partying in His Bouncy

After finally downloading a whopping 8 hours of video we took on this little guy since he was born in March, I also figured out how to put video on my blog. Here is Davis last weekend partying in his bouncy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Costco, You're Killing Me

Jeff and I go to Costco for baby formula and Propel water, the formula is for Davis the water is for Jeff. Anyways, every single time we go there we get sucked into buying other things, one of which is the devil!!! I told Jeff, do not buy anymore of it and what does he do but toss one in the cart when I'm not looking. Your wondering what I'm talking about, right???

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Davis Has 6 Teeth

Strange, right?? Not even 6 months old yet and almost a full set of chompers!! Of course some people have me freaked out that he is going to have bad teeth, but what can I do, it isn't like I asked for them. The story is that the earlier a child gets teeth, the more those teeth are prone to cavaties because they have a longer exposure to food, formula, breastmilk, or whatever. I guess Davis has to do everything early, he had to make his grand entrance into this world early and he had to get teeth early. What is next??


I have a love/hate relationship with Wally World, the main reason I go there is because they sell my coffee (Chock Full O'Nuts) super cheap, so for the most part the only time I go there is when I'm out of coffee. Anyways, Wal-Mart truly brings in a different breed of people, if you shop there don't worry I know not everyone who shops there belongs in this group, I mean really you get nutjobs anywhere you shop but for some reason Wal-Mart has a stigma attached to it. I call the weirdos I spot at our local Wal-Mart the Wal-Martians. Someone started a website, check it out daily for a good laugh, it gets updated often.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Lost My Posting Mojo

It has been a busy week for the D and I. We have been doing lots of mommy and baby workouts aka walking the 'hood. We had baby time at the library Wednesday which was awesome!!!! We will be going every week. Mommy is joining a moms group and I'll be going to that every Thursday while my mom comes and sits with Davis. I can take him with me as they provide childcare, but he is always napping at that time so why wake him up to drag him out just for some stranger to watch him, right?? Next week's meeting is "4 Myths of Motherhood".

On a silly note, some of my old twirling buds are on Facebook. Some of them have daughters that now twirl in the same group we were in and I guess the girl who runs the group is having a mom's class. She said it will probably start in October. I cannot wait!!!!!!! I hope I get to have a recital, I'll invite everyone and you can come laugh at me.

This is circa 1993, Northview High School, Freshman Year

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9 of 30

Davis went to his grandma's house yesterday to stay the night so Jeff and I could go out and celebrate my 31st birthday which was a few days ago. We went to Sakura and both had the filet, it was delicious as always. Afterwards we came home for a bit and relaxed, changed our clothes and headed out to Mr. Freeze for some soft serve. I love Mr. Freeze and haven't been there all summer. We were both pretty full from dinner so we each only managed to eat half of our ice cream.

Then we decided to look at houses in one of my favorite (overpriced) neighborhoods, wishful thinking, ha! Anyways, we discovered that the price on lots dropped from well over $100,000 down to $28,000 in this awesome economy. We are so tempted to buy one, but I think subdivisions probably have rules that you have to build on your lot within a certain period of time and we wouldn't be ready to build for at least 5 years, maybe a little longer. I'm still going to call the realtor who has the lots listed and ask questions though, doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Back to cleaning.

Friday, September 4, 2009

8 of 30

Davis was a cranky pants today, I'm not sure if it was from the shots the other day or because he is getting another tooth. Probably a combo of both. Poor kid. He is sleeping now for the night.

We went on a walk tonight with Jeff and Maizy, Jeff switched Davis' stroller seat to position #2 (sitting up) and flipped the handlebar so he could face out. I like him in position #1 (laying down) facing me, I'm selfish, I like to see my baby while we walk and chat with him. Although Jeff decided the tires needed air, the stroller came with a pump, what a joke. I'm going to have to take it to my parent's house and have my dad put air in it with the big compressor. Or I suppose we could take it to the gas station too. You'd think that stroller would come with a better pump, oh well. I guess they can't include everything.

Jeff is folding laundry right now and having a fit because of the static. He is obsessed with fabric softener so he is quizzing me about how much I used and making sure I used a dryer sheet too. Dork, maybe he should do the laundry. So maybe I missed the softener, eh, big deal.

Tomorrow we are going out for my 31st birthday dinner!! Yumm-o!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 of 30

Davis had to go for the 2nd half of his 4 month shots today. I split them up because I don't think he should have 4 shots in one visit, so we did 2 at 4 months and the other 2 at 5 months. So he pretty much gets shots every month on the alternate schedule, if we chose to do the AAP recommended schedule he'd get them every 2 months. He was a little trooper, he cried for about 2 minutes and then he was done. He fell asleep on the way home. After he woke up from his nap we played for a long time, took a long walk with Daddy, came home, had some green beans and pears for dinner, he took a bath, had a bottle and went to bed around 8 p.m. Pretty good day!

I made crock pot lasagna tonight, it was a new recipe, it was so-so. It was easy so that is a bonus, but if I make it again I'm going to have to spruce it up Jilly style.

We got season 2 of Californication from Netflix today, so guess what we are doing? Watching it tonight :o)