Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

WOW!!  I haven't written a blog post in a really long time.

I've been super busy though, between activities and therapy with Davis and trying to find time for all my cake pop orders, I'm a little stressed.

I am looking forward to May being over because that means I only have two orders for cake pops the first week of June and then nothing again until July.

I purposely did that though, I turned down a lot of orders because I don't want to fill my summer up with orders and being stuck in my kitchen.

I wish I could think of what is new with me, but there is just so much I cannot remember it all. 

Let's see.

Davis started going to a half day of daycare this week at the place he does his therapy, Thursday was his first day, I think he enjoyed it.  He also gets therapy on that day too.   When I picked him up he was asleep.  I will say I was pretty nervous taking him, but it will be good for him and we are hoping some social interraction will help him a bit.  He tends to go into sensory overload around a lot of people which causes for some embarrassing moments for me at times.

I lost 10 lbs!!!  Woot Woot!!  I'm very serious about this.  I'm the heaviest I have ever been and this is the last summer I'm going to feel chubby.  Besides, when I talk my husband into having another baby I need to be skinny, right?  I managed to lose 10 lbs in 1 month, so I cannot wait to see what another month brings.   I've been doing Weight Watchers and working out almost every single morning before Davis gets up. 

Our bathroom remodels are going well.  Bathroom #1 in the back of our house is done, we just replaced the floor, we do plan on painting it eventually.  Bathroom #2 in the front of our house is 75% there, even 75% done it looks a million times better than it did before.  I cannot wait to blog about it and post pictures of before and after, it is quite shocking.  My husband and I have been going in there and just ooohing and ahhhing about how great it looks.  We spent less than $1000 between the two bathrooms, it is amazing how little we spent and how great they both look, especially the front bathroom. 

I took a bunch of clothes to a local resale shop last week and they gave me $72.  What??????  $72????  The lady says to me "Is $72 OK?"   I was speechless, sure it is okay lady, I expected $20!  I took my money to TJMaxx and bought the bedding I had been eyeing up a few days earlier for the spare room.  The spare room is 90% done, we just need a new closet door and to hang a few things on the walls. I promise pictures of that room too when it is 100%.

Hopefully I will be back on track with blogging!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Happening Too Fast!!

When we bought our house about 5 years ago, we slowly began to update things.

Nothing major, we haven't spent oodles of money and never plan to.

It is amazing what some paint and new flooring can do though.

Would you believe my kitchen used to be pink and turquoise?  With carpet?

Our home has 2 full bathrooms, 1 of them is pretty raunchy.

Think 1970s and the Medieval Times rolled into one.

We have been discussing a remodel of it for quite sometime, but then I got pregnant and we needed to create a nursery, then Davis was born and things got put on the back burner.

Now that Davis is a little older and actually utilizing that bathroom (we never used it - too ugly for us), we decided that this Spring was the time for it.

We threw around the idea of totally tearing it down to the studs, but we really don't want to put that much into it because we really don't plan on being here that much longer.

We finally decided to replace all the fixtures, shower doors, toilet, vanity, sink, medicine cabinet, lighting and floors.  We are leaving the tub and surround.

We went to buy painting supplies at Lowe's on Sunday morning for Operation Spare Room/Office and walked out with paint supplies and tile for the bathroom floor.

Originally Jeff planned on installing it himself, but we saw a sign at Lowe's that said $4.50 a square foot for installation, minimum square footage of 20 square feet.   Hmmmmmm, our bathroom is 30 square feet.  I think we can swing less than $200 to just get it done.  It is worth it to us.  No stress, no struggles, no swearing, no having to buy or rent a special saw and it will be done in one day.  Sold!

It is maybe getting installed Friday, YIKES!!!

Soooooo, we quickly need to make decisions.

I'm horrible at them.

I sit around for weeks, months, years, pondering what I want.

I cannot ponder.

I must choose.

I don't like choices.

There are too many.

I can never make a decision, on anything.

Especially paint, do you know our bedroom has been painted 3 times?  and the front of our house was painted 2 times in 2 weeks?

See, bad at decisions!!!

In the next week or two I must choose fixtures, a vanity, a sink, lighting, shower doors, a toilet and god knows what else.

Don't worry, I took plenty of pictures of the 1970s meets Medieval Times bathroom to share.

But I won't share them until our work is complete.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well, I Didn't Find Rats

I managed to make it out of the spare room/office in one piece.

Mid-way through operation organization I realized that I had the room nearly empty and moving it back in would just be plain silly since we were planning on fixing the walls, painting and giving the room an overhaul this spring.

So, I called my husband and informed him of my idea.

What was my idea you ask?

To fix the walls and paint this weekend, since I already had the room empty it just made sense.

He worked all night last night, most of the day today and it should be finished tomorrow!!!

Then I come in, decorating.

But I'm not very good at it, I have a hard time placing things.

I go to the store and stand there staring at pretty things but not having a clue where I'd put them and always walk out empty handed.


Where do you find your decorating ideas?

And most importantly, where do you buy your stuff?

I cannot afford to spend a lot in this room, so I'm looking for cheap.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Going In

I am feeling quite springy today.

Today I am going in.

Going into the black hole.

Okay, I'm just going into the spare bedroom/office.

But, I kid you not, this room is a black hole.

Things go in, the door gets shut, they are never to be found again.

We have lived here almost 6 years and this room has always been a black hole.

I clean it up a few times each year, only to have it return to the disaster it was in a matter of weeks.

I swear that this is it.

That room is getting cleaned out, organized, trashy furniture getting thrown away, finally getting painted and finally going to look like a real room rather than something out of hoarders, minus the rats.

Did you see the rat episode of hoarders?

On that note, if you don't hear from me in a few days it is possible the rats got to me.