Monday, May 31, 2010

What Got done on THE Honey Do List?????

I know you are all wondering if anything got done on that gigantic list I posted.

I have crossed off everything that was completed:

-Weed the yard (this deserves before and after pictures if he does it as my gardens look like they belong in a trailer park, no offense to any trailer park dwellers reading this blog)

-Install the well pump (we have a well in our yard for watering so we don't have to pay the out of control water prices in this city for watering the lawn and flowers)

-Hang pictures (I have TONS of pictures that need hanging)WE GOT SOME PICTURES HUNG

-Install motion lights (we got new siding last year and someone never installed the new motion lights)

-Hang house numbers (yep, the pizza dude can finally find our house)I ORDERED A FANCY NEW PLAQUE FROM ETSY TO HANG ON THE HOUSE

-Get new shutters (hmmmmm, do I want white or black??) I went with white!

-Clean out garage (good luck honey)

-Clean out shed (another good luck honey)

-Clean out the cars (woot!!!!!)

-New heat register covers for inside the house (ones that Davis cannot break, which is what he did with our current ones, he is Houdini)

And a new item was added to the list after my original post which was to paint the wall behind our bed, we had some work done to the wall and it needed to be re-painted. This was actually something on my perma to do list over there on the side of this blog, it is crossed off now, see!!! It was a slight fiasco though, we painted the room 2 years ago, paint fades over time, we couldn't match it so I ended up taking the paint back to Lowe's having them darken in a bit and voila, accent wall!! I am LOVING it!! Not to mention it is my favorite shade, brown.

Davis' First Parade

Davis attended his very first parade today, the local Memorial Day Parade. My parents live near where the parade begins so I took him to their house and we walked to the next street over to view the parade. We got a nice shady spot right by the nice police lady who was blocking traffic.

He got a flag and wouldn't let go!!

Mommy and Mr. D

Loving on his taggies

Festive socks

I don't think the dog was in the parade, but it was too cute not to take a picture


Old Hearse

Davis and Grandpa

Yard Art

I have my mom, aka the garage sale queen, looking for some yard art for me. But since I am the Ebay queen I decided I would look there too, I found this today:

I think it is cool, my husband's exact words were, "Jill, you're not homeless". Apparentely that was his way of telling me NO.

If you cannot figure out what that is, it is bottle tree. I wonder if they can make beer bottle trees? My mom would be all over that. Wait, the Beast doesn't come in bottles. Scratch that.

I suppose I'll just stick with the classics:

I really do not want the lady bending over in the garden, but I do want my own flock of pink flamingos. Call me cheap, call me trailer park, call me crazy, I do not care! I love pink flamingos dancing in the yard. I've even seen ones that you can dress, like those ducks that were all the rage in the early 90s. I promise not to dress my flamingos.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Inspiration

For about 6 months I have wanted to change the look of my blog, but haven't had the time or motivation, not to mention I had no clue what I wanted it to look like until I got my new diaper bag back in March. Ever since I got the gorgeous red, black and white Petunia Pickle Bottom clutch I knew that it would be the inspiration for my blog facelift.

Here is the bag:

I think I did a pretty damn good job making the blog look very similiar to my bag.

New Look!!

I'm still sort of working on it. I had to learn some HTML code to change the fonts, as exciting fonts are not standard with Blogger. Bear with me on it!! I like the look for now but I'm still trying to figure a few minor things out with the code to change the look, should be ready later today or tomorrow. I have to work on it when Mr. Busy naps.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments

I totally skipped out on last week's fragments, oops!

I think I've mentioned this before but I love the hot McCafe mochas from McDonalds, they are half the price of a mocha from Starbucks and almost as good. Yesterday after swimming I stopped at McD's for one, I get out of the parking lot, take a sip and yuck!! I'm not sure what happened, but they forgot to make it yummy. If Davis hadn't been with me I'd have marched into McD's and complained, but I honestly did not feel like getting him out of the car to go inside as we had used the drive through. The drive through was too busy to make it worth waiting through again. Oh well.

I discovered LaCroix sparkling water at Costco a few months ago, $6.99 for a case! Let me tell you, it is yummy!

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, who did a top 500 songs of all time list, the #1song is "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan. WTF?? I like the song, I like Bob Dylan, but come on. Michael Jackson's thriller was not even in the top 3. #3 was "Imagine" by John Lennon and #2 was "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones (which in my opinion isn't even their #2 song, WTF Rolling Stone Mag). They must have some kids born in 1985 working there.

Davis got a sunhat, Does he look like a girl or what??

It is going to be a big weekend here at our house, do you think even half of the "Honey Do" list will get accomplished?

Maizy and Davis were being super cute last night playing together. Davis kept laying down next to her and she'd put her big paw on his back like she was holding him, then he'd pet her face in a really sweet way. I think they are in love :o)

Davis climbs now, JOY! One more thing to try to prevent him from doing. We have caught him on the coffee table in our front living room numerous times, he was attempting to climb the couch yesterday and was trying to climb up the mesh sides of his Pack n' Play, which is pretty sad. I put him in the Pack n' Play in front of the TV with a movie on (yep, scold me) so I can shower every day, what if he starts being able to truly climb out of the thing?? I'm so screwed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

THE Honey Do List

After lots of yelling bitching subtle hints from me, my husband took it upon himself to make a "Honey Do" list for the weekend since he will have 3 whole days to get things done. Here it is:

-Weed the yard (this deserves before and after pictures if he does it as my gardens look like they belong in a trailer park, no offense to any trailer park dwellers reading this blog)

-Install the well pump (we have a well in our yard for watering so we don't have to pay the out of control water prices in this city for watering the lawn and flowers)

-Hang pictures (I have TONS of pictures that need hanging)

-Install motion lights (we got new siding last year and someone never installed the new motion lights)

-Hang house numbers (yep, the pizza dude can finally find our house)

-Get new shutters (hmmmmm, do I want white or black??)

-Clean out garage (good luck honey)

-Clean out shed (another good luck honey)

-Clean out the cars (woot!!!!!)

-New heat register covers for inside the house (ones that Davis cannot break, which is what he did with our current ones, he is Houdini)

I may even get ambitious Monday after Davis and I attend the Memorial Day Parade and buy some annuals to plant out front. I will most likely see if Grandma will keep him for the day so I can accomplish this task. Speaking of the Memorial Day Parade, Davis will be all decked out and so will his stroller!!! I've got big plans for it people :o)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Zoo-ey!!

We had our weekly zoo trip today with Jenny and Stella. Jenny's mom also joined us in our fun. It was pretty hot today, but it was still a great day. We caught a glimpse of the baby polar bear, the giraffes, the monkeys, the gorillas and viewed the beautiful gardens. We had a few fussy moments with the babes, but they were able to get calmed down fairly quickly after some food and drinks.

Davis fell asleep on his way out of the zoo, as did Stella. They were beat. It is exhausting being a baby!

Davis Stefani??

See the uncanny resemblance??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Gear Chat: Highchairs

We had this highchair first. It gets good reviews, which is why we registered for it, I was in love but as soon as Davis started feeding himself my love quickly changed to hatred. It is not the easiest highchair to clean and with Davis eating 3 meals a day in it, spending 10 minutes after each meal to clean food out of the crevices and from in between the 2 pads was getting to me. I went on the hunt for the IDEAL highchair. I wanted something with little to no padding that had a sleek look to it.

First I found this highchair. The Bloom Fresco Loft!! What a cool highchair, it is sleek, seemless and oh so urban. I was in love and best of all it is counter height, see we don't use a kitchen table, we have a huge island in our kitchen that we we at. I could pull this baby right up to the counter and Davis could eat away. The cost of this urban delight?? A not so cool $500. I just couldn't spend that on a highchair. Back to the search.

Next I found this. The Inglesina Club. Sleek, stylish, looks easy to clean. This was definitely on my list.

After finding the Inglesina I discovered this. Also stylish and wood!! It would grow with Davis too. This made it to the top of my list. But then I got to thinking, do I want a wood highchair?? I mean really wouldn't it get icky after years of scrubbing? I decided against it and this went to the bottom of my list.

Then I thought long and hard about our next highchair. I did not really want to spend a lot of money on this thing, then a lightbulb went off in my head. IKEA!!! Maybe, just maybe Ikea sold highchairs. I immediately went to their website and what did I find?? I found this. The Ikea Antilop highchair, sleek, stylish, ALL PLASTIC!!! OMG!!! It cannot get any better or cheaper than this. I bought it, it arrived in about 5 days and I must say it might be my smartest baby purchase yet (besides our stroller). I love this chair, it is super simple, so easy to clean and Davis loves it. I even put it in our bathtub yesterday and gave it a good scrub down.

This just goes to show that expensive does not always equal better. Sometimes the best baby items are the cheapest.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bits & Pieces

There is a baby under there, we play hide and seek every day, Davis loves pulling his blankets over his head and "hiding" from Mommy.

Davis 1, Maizy 0. Davis has decided to take over the dog's bed, you can see how thrilled she is here as Davis smiles happily from his new piece of baby furniture. It is clean people, Maizy has another bed and I cleaned her old one up in hopes she would have something comfy to snooze on in the family room, well Davis saw it and decided he would take it over instead

Our new $25 Ikea highchair!! We love it, way better than the super hard to clean, $150 piece of crap. The Ikea highchair fit in our bathtub yesterday so I could hose it down, what a great feeling that was!! No more picking food out of the crevices and thick padding of the old chair.

Davis loves his new highchair too, it is evident here as he chows on some of my egg-free, whole wheat, banana pancakes

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears (and a Duck too), OH MY!

Sunday we took a trip to the zoo, it was a lovely day and the baby polar bear had just come on exhibit Friday. We were so thrilled to get a great view of the baby polar bear and her mom. I think Davis enjoyed it too!! We also spotted lots of ducks, they are very tame, they came right up to Davis in his stroller again but this time he was awake and he was in a trance staring them down. The Orangutans were very amusing, they had lots of toys in their cage yesterday, wrapping paper, boxes, rubber boots, balls, plastic chairs, watering cans, it was hilarious. I honestly could have watched them all day.

Checking out the baby polar bear with daddy

Baby polar bear - looks big, right?

Staring at the duck

Mr. Quackers

This monkey was way up high on a pole, kinda cool

He wouldn't stop staring at Davis, it was so cute

Orangutan playing with a pink rubber boot and some wrapping paper

Saturday, May 15, 2010


For as much money as our stroller cost you'd think the manufacturer would provide better instructions rather than silly pictures.

I just tried put the sunshade on, what a process!!!

Still love my stroller though, despite the poor instructions, I would buy it again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

I think our lawn guys may have seen me topless in the laundry room, oops, that is what I get for thinking nobody is ever in the backyard.

After watching Houswives of NY I decided it would be uber sweet for Jeff and I to rent a yacht for a week in the Carribean, until I looked up the cost, the Housewives boat was $65K per week!!!!! I think I'll stick with Disney.

I'm sorta obsessed with buying crap for my stroller, why?? So it looks cool, I love it when other moms ask me questions about it, I even had one lady at the park Monday tell me she wishes she could have another baby just so she could buy a really cool stroller, she said this as she was admiring my very cool taggie style bumper bar cover. Being stroller obsessed, I really want the 2009 Bugaboo Bee, I know I will find it at a discount price soon since Bugaboo discontinued it and replaced it with a slightly better model. I am the deal queen and I will find one cheap, mark my word. It might take me 6 months, but I have no doubt in my mind I can do it.

I love TJ Maxx.

My dog loves goldfish crackers, thanks to Davis for feeding her.

A week after I purchased my Antilope highchair from Ikea, my mom finds two at a garage sale for $10 each, she bought them both. One for her and she gave one to my aunt who recently became a grandma. My luck. Of course my mom would have passed them up if she hadn't seen mine first, so I guess I didn't really miss out on a deal. I only paid $25 for mine anyways.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Enjoy your day moms!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

I've been wanting to do Friday Fragments for a while now, I got the idea from a blogging friend of mine. I look forward to her Friday Fragments every week and hopefully you will look forward to mine.

I also realize today is Saturday, I wanted to post this last night but I was pretty tired.

My husband brought Donettes home from his softball tournament today. I told him I hadn't seen Donettes since 1985 and if I were him I wouldn't eat them. I've seen the research on Twinkies still looking like new 25 years later and I was pretty sure the same thing goes for Donettes. He ate them anyways.

I still have my Starbucks Mocha addiction, but considering it costs $4, I have replaced it with my new McDonalds McCafe Mocha addiction, half the price and almost as good.

The local news stations got all freaked out over weather last night, it totally ruined my evening of TV. I DVR two of my favorite shows every Friday, Ghost Whisperer and Medium. I went to watch them today and what is recorded instead, the local news channel going on and on about the horrible weather we never got. LAME!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to get the boot.

Since I am a geek at heart, if my husband surprised me with a vacation here, I'd never ask for another thing again, well maybe not another thing, but I wouldn't ask for anything for a while.

I want Davis to stay 1 year old forever.

Somedays I wish I worked just so I could drink coffee, chat about what happened the night before and gossip about co-workers, but then Davis wakes up and I know that I'd miss him too much every day. Yeah, most days I don't shower until noon, I rarely eat breakfast anymore, I hold my pee more often than I should, I usually have drool on me, I don't have time for a lot of things I want to do for myself anymore, I'm not as productive getting things done around the house as I used to be, but his adorable smile and laugh make it all worth it :o)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Davis' very first trip to the zoo was in December for the Lights Before Christmas, it was a huge disaster, he threw a big fit and we left shortly after we arrived. Yesterday we met our wonderful friends, Jenny and Stella for a zoo outing. It was amazing!! Both of our babies were perfect angels, we figured they'd each last about 1 hour, but we were wrong! 3 hours later they were great. I thought I forgot my camera, but when we went to leave I found it, in the backseat of my car :o( Good thing Jenny always has a camera on hand, she captured some pictures of the two cuties. You can check them out on her blog.