Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments

I totally skipped out on last week's fragments, oops!

I think I've mentioned this before but I love the hot McCafe mochas from McDonalds, they are half the price of a mocha from Starbucks and almost as good. Yesterday after swimming I stopped at McD's for one, I get out of the parking lot, take a sip and yuck!! I'm not sure what happened, but they forgot to make it yummy. If Davis hadn't been with me I'd have marched into McD's and complained, but I honestly did not feel like getting him out of the car to go inside as we had used the drive through. The drive through was too busy to make it worth waiting through again. Oh well.

I discovered LaCroix sparkling water at Costco a few months ago, $6.99 for a case! Let me tell you, it is yummy!

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, who did a top 500 songs of all time list, the #1song is "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan. WTF?? I like the song, I like Bob Dylan, but come on. Michael Jackson's thriller was not even in the top 3. #3 was "Imagine" by John Lennon and #2 was "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones (which in my opinion isn't even their #2 song, WTF Rolling Stone Mag). They must have some kids born in 1985 working there.

Davis got a sunhat, Does he look like a girl or what??

It is going to be a big weekend here at our house, do you think even half of the "Honey Do" list will get accomplished?

Maizy and Davis were being super cute last night playing together. Davis kept laying down next to her and she'd put her big paw on his back like she was holding him, then he'd pet her face in a really sweet way. I think they are in love :o)

Davis climbs now, JOY! One more thing to try to prevent him from doing. We have caught him on the coffee table in our front living room numerous times, he was attempting to climb the couch yesterday and was trying to climb up the mesh sides of his Pack n' Play, which is pretty sad. I put him in the Pack n' Play in front of the TV with a movie on (yep, scold me) so I can shower every day, what if he starts being able to truly climb out of the thing?? I'm so screwed.

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