Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

I think our lawn guys may have seen me topless in the laundry room, oops, that is what I get for thinking nobody is ever in the backyard.

After watching Houswives of NY I decided it would be uber sweet for Jeff and I to rent a yacht for a week in the Carribean, until I looked up the cost, the Housewives boat was $65K per week!!!!! I think I'll stick with Disney.

I'm sorta obsessed with buying crap for my stroller, why?? So it looks cool, I love it when other moms ask me questions about it, I even had one lady at the park Monday tell me she wishes she could have another baby just so she could buy a really cool stroller, she said this as she was admiring my very cool taggie style bumper bar cover. Being stroller obsessed, I really want the 2009 Bugaboo Bee, I know I will find it at a discount price soon since Bugaboo discontinued it and replaced it with a slightly better model. I am the deal queen and I will find one cheap, mark my word. It might take me 6 months, but I have no doubt in my mind I can do it.

I love TJ Maxx.

My dog loves goldfish crackers, thanks to Davis for feeding her.

A week after I purchased my Antilope highchair from Ikea, my mom finds two at a garage sale for $10 each, she bought them both. One for her and she gave one to my aunt who recently became a grandma. My luck. Of course my mom would have passed them up if she hadn't seen mine first, so I guess I didn't really miss out on a deal. I only paid $25 for mine anyways.

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