Monday, May 17, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears (and a Duck too), OH MY!

Sunday we took a trip to the zoo, it was a lovely day and the baby polar bear had just come on exhibit Friday. We were so thrilled to get a great view of the baby polar bear and her mom. I think Davis enjoyed it too!! We also spotted lots of ducks, they are very tame, they came right up to Davis in his stroller again but this time he was awake and he was in a trance staring them down. The Orangutans were very amusing, they had lots of toys in their cage yesterday, wrapping paper, boxes, rubber boots, balls, plastic chairs, watering cans, it was hilarious. I honestly could have watched them all day.

Checking out the baby polar bear with daddy

Baby polar bear - looks big, right?

Staring at the duck

Mr. Quackers

This monkey was way up high on a pole, kinda cool

He wouldn't stop staring at Davis, it was so cute

Orangutan playing with a pink rubber boot and some wrapping paper

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Carey and Jon said...

Aww, I can't wait to take Caleb to the zoo. Hopefully by the end of this summer he will be old enough :)