Thursday, January 26, 2012


I got some information today on someone and am disturbed, angry, upset, hurt, just about every emotion you can imagine.

Said information needs to be told to someone I love very much and I don't know how I'm gonna do it.

I hate this.

I hate everything about it.

Damn Google.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over It

I am totally over the itch to have another child.

I had about 5 friends all announce their 2nd pregnancies within weeks of each other and it really got me down. They are all due this summer.

Recently I had some other friends give birth.

All I have to say is, after hearing about crying babies, no sleep, and all the other not so glamorous stuff that comes along with a newborn...


Really, I am seriously happy for my friends who are expecting new bundles of joy, but truly, truly happy it isn't me.

I love my son.

But I also love sleep and sanity and realize I am a 1 kid mom and I am finally 100% happy with that.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

10.5 Down, Only 49.5 to Go!

I will be glad when I am done with this.

While I find it interesting.

It is also quite boring as all I can do is sit there and observe.


Hopefully I will be sharing my very exciting news sometime at the end of February.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fiscal Fast

I was watching this crazy show on TLC last week about super cheap people.

And by super cheap I mean, asking people at restaurants for their leftovers cheap.

So cheap, it was funny.

This one guy did something that intrigued me though and to be honest, it is a good idea.

4 times a year he went on what he called a "Fiscal Fast".

Meaning they spent no money all week on anything.

Now, I'm not getting that insane, but I'm refusing to buy groceries this week.

That is my version of a "Fiscal Fast."

We always end up with random half eaten boxes of  pasta, soup we never eat, frozen veggies, etc...

It builds up over time, we forget about it and then it goes bad and we throw it away.

Saturday I bought 4 lbs of chicken breasts.

The rest of the week we will eat chicken and whatever else I find in the cupboards and freezer.

Did I mention I am drinking our last beer as I type this?

This could get interesting.

Although going to a liquor store doesn't count, right?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Poopy

Mid-December Davis decided he didn't want to poop.


He used to be such a good pooper and then I don't know what happened.

I think he became very aware of pooping and peeing and got scared of pooping.

I've been blowing the issue off since December, chalking it up to holidays, being busy, etc...

But the last 2 weeks it has just gotten so bad.

We could tell he was in pain, he'd grunt and cry and say his belly hurt.

His little butt was a wreck from the little bit of poop he did let out.

It has just been a pooping disaster over in this house.

Today I decided I'd go to the pediatrician and talk it over with her and get some ideas on what to do because I will tell you, I've tried it all.

Belly Rubs.

Acting like a fool about how exciting it is to poop.

Telling him about how everyone poops, grandma poops, mommy poops, cars poop, pretty much anything I could think of, it poops.

And let me tell you, he loves to tell people how exciting pooping is.  He just won't poop, at all.

The doctor assured me this is NORMAL!!!!  It mainly happens with boys and because of him holding it for days and not going he has now relaxed the muscles in there and that just leads to more issues, like the leakage he has been having.  She said it isn't something we want to ignore.

He is now on a diet of Mira Lax every single day and high fiber for the next 2-3 months so he can start going regularly again.

She also told me to hold off on potty training until he starts pooping like a normal person again as it will just cause a lot of frustration for both he and I.

Oy Vey!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wish Me Luck

Wish me luck tomorrow.

It is a big day for me.

I'd rather not jinx myself so I'm not sharing just yet.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

I really hate New Years Resolutions.

But it seems like a good idea to set goals every year.

Here are mine, in no specific order:

1. Be more organized!!!

Being organized has escaped me, I used to be the most organized person I know.  When I had Davis in 2009 my organization went to the dogs.  It drives me crazy, makes me feel bad about myself and sometimes keeps me awake.  I know, I'm a weirdo.  Organization is just my thing and this year my goal is to be 100% organized instead of 50% organized.

2. Keep losing that weight!!

I'm down 20 lbs. since March 2011.  I've got 8 lbs. to go before I reach my goal.  I WILL do this.

3. Be nicer. 

I know I'm always nice, but I feel like sometimes I could be a little kinder and more appreciative.

4. Spend less, save more.

We do a pretty good job of saving each month, but we could save more if we were not so impulsive with our shopping habits and so bad with our going out to dinner habits.  We really want to move into a much newer (maybe brand new) and bigger home, in order for that to happen we really need to cut our spending habits.  I know we can do this.

5. Take a vacation, sans Davis.

We haven't been on a real vacation since July 2008.  I NEED a real vacation, a real vacation does not include Davis.  He would be awesome, but it wouldn't be relaxing with him, besides, he loves Grandma's house.

Do you have any goals for the new year?