Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pictures of Our Sweet Little Man

Sitting in his bouncy looking out the front door at the pretty trees

Awwwww!!!! Chubby Cheeks!!!!

Napping in the hammock

Paying for mommy's epidural

Chunk butt in the tub!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I'd Never Do

Before Davis was born I had this list in my mind of things I'd NEVER do, here is my list of the things I claimed I wouldn't do that I now do:

1. Formula Feeding - Yeah, I was so not going to feed my baby this expensive poison in a can or in my case a very expensive ready to feed bottle (Davis won't tolerate powder). Breastfeeding is like so easy, don't you know?? At least that is what I thought until I actually did it, it nearly made me mental. So it was either a mental case of a mom or formula. We chose the later of the two.

2. Sleeping on the belly - NO.WAY.IN.HELL was my baby going to sleep on his belly. I argued with my mom about the baby having to sleep on his back more than anything during my pregnancy. "MOM!!! It causes SIDS!!!" At about 3 weeks of age Davis started sleeping on his belly and we have never looked back. He sleeps 100 times better this way.

3. Pampers - EEEK!!!!! Disposable diapers = the devil in disguise. Oh yeah, I was all about cloth diapering. Heck I even invested quite a bit of money into my cloth diapers. Well, here is how it went down: Davis came home, Davis cried a lot, mommy tried breastfeeding for 2 weeks and nearly lost her mind (basket case), mommy kept using Pampers, mommy kept losing her mind, mommy kept saying she'd start cloth diapering tomorrow and then she'd say the same thing the next day, then the next day and so on, then I thought oh fuck it you already quit breastfeeding and are feeding your baby poison you might as well poison him with Pampers while your at it. (LOL)

4. Blankets - My baby was not going to be covered up in his crib with a loose blanket. He was going to wear sleepsacks only because blankets are dangerous and cause SIDS. Guess what? Davis hated the sleepsacks and I cover him every single night with a loose blanket. Scary, I know. Run while you can.

5. Pacifiers - Also the devil in disguise. I was so adamant that Davis wasn't going to use one of these spooky sucking devices that I sort of yelled at a nurse in L&D for giving him one when we sent him to the nursery. Guess what?? Yep, I'm a pacifier mommy. Now, my kid isn't like Lisa from the Simpsons and sucking on it constantly, he doesn't even use it on a daily basis, but it is really nice when he is a bit fussy for no reason and sucking on that god forsaken piece of rubber soothes him.