Saturday, January 30, 2010

$2.99 Sale at The Childrens Place

We made it to the mall yesterday afternoon and hit a great sale at the Childrens Place thanks to a tip from a friend. I bought Davis a sweatshirt, a thermal shirt, a hoodie and a coat each for $2.99. I feel compelled to go back. Davis was a sweetie, like usual, smiling at everyone and laughing. He found a pair of pants at the Childrens Place to play with, he swiped them off a rack when we went by in the stroller. I had a lady tell me his stroller looked comfortable and I replied "Oh, it is" As if I've rode in it, haha. She probably thought I was nuts, but really I was speaking for Davis, he loves his stroller and even though he cannot speak I know he thinks it is comfy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

2 Degrees!!!

So much for the mall this morning to comb the sales, boo hoo!! I hope it warms up this afternoon, maybe we can go then.

Yesterday I bought Davis 3 pairs of fleece pants at Old Navy for $1.75 each!! And a new shirt, also for $1.75. I love the winter sales, it will still be cold here until April, even May really, so we will get so much use out of the deals I find. I only wish I knew how big he'd be next winter so I could stock up. I bought some summer clothes on clearance in September, I figured since he was growing so quickly he'd be in 24 months by summer. Well, he is still wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes and his growth has slowed down a lot. I have a feeling he might still be a little peanut come summer. Anyone need a bunch of 24 month onesies?? haha

Davis is an expert and I mean expert walker now. He will not crawl anywhere anymore, he only crawls over to a wall or table to pull himself up so he can walk. It is hilarious, he follows me around the house while I clean in the morning. He also enjoys walking over to the dog and screaming at her, Maizy not so much, she runs away from him.

To finish up my quick little post, here is a picture of Davis trying table food for the first time. I was so impressed, all 10 of the cheerios I gave him were gone, I thought holy crap, the kid ate them. Then I took him out of the chair, 9 cheerios were in the seat and half of one was on his sleeper. Baby steps, baby steps.

Here is a picture of Davis helping me make the bed

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Officially Have a Walker!!!!

Davis started taking steps un-assisted about 2 weeks ago, but he'd only take 1-2 steps and then fall. Earlier this week (on Monday) he started taking 5-6 steps un-assisted which led to many steps and being able to walk the entire length of our family room un-assisted. If you have been to our home, you know our family room is huge, so he is quite accomplished at walking now. We are so proud, yet so scared!!! I wasn't expecting walking until he was at least a year if not older.

Here is a video I caught of him earlier today:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Tricks

Davis just started cruising around the furniture last week, he has now gotten brave enough to take both hands off of whatever he is holding onto and attempt to take steps with no assistance, so far the most steps he has gotten in is 2. The little shit! Oh and he has been trying for a month now to stand up in the middle of a room with help from nothing but his good old legs. He finally mastered it, he has done it twice today. So he can now just stand up by getting up on both knees, then he gets one foot up, puts his hands on the floor, gets the other foot up and voila, a standing baby. I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full with him.

Note: I am not helping him walk, I don't even hold his hands and try to walk with him, I don't want a walker yet. I'm continuing to discourage walking, I'm such a bad mom. haha He will do what he wants though and he has proven he will with mommy's help or not.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mr. Activity

Here are a few videos of Davis being Davis, he never stops and is always on the go, go, go! Typical Boy!