Saturday, January 30, 2010

$2.99 Sale at The Childrens Place

We made it to the mall yesterday afternoon and hit a great sale at the Childrens Place thanks to a tip from a friend. I bought Davis a sweatshirt, a thermal shirt, a hoodie and a coat each for $2.99. I feel compelled to go back. Davis was a sweetie, like usual, smiling at everyone and laughing. He found a pair of pants at the Childrens Place to play with, he swiped them off a rack when we went by in the stroller. I had a lady tell me his stroller looked comfortable and I replied "Oh, it is" As if I've rode in it, haha. She probably thought I was nuts, but really I was speaking for Davis, he loves his stroller and even though he cannot speak I know he thinks it is comfy.

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