Friday, October 15, 2010


I haven't done this in a while!!!  But it is a good way for me to update the blog in a quick little post.

- At Davis' 18 month appointment he of course didn't have the suggested 12 words our pediatrician said he needed so she sent us for a speech evaluation and a hearing evaluation.  She is a very pro-active doctor so this is standard for her to do if the child doesn't have this many words at 18 months.  She assured me that Davis is just fine, he has off the charts motor skills and told me that a lot of kids she sees like that do talk late, the woman that did our speech evaluation said the same thing.  We will be doing speech therapy with him though.  Our hearing evaluation is today, although I am pretty sure he can hear just fine.

- Our 4 year old LCD flat panel TV finally bit it.  Funny how we were just discussing last week how great that TV has been, then 3 days later it started acting funny and finally decided it lived it's nine lives and Monday night said it's final good bye.  We ended up with a 50" flat panel, a little large for my taste, but whatever, my husband is in love with it and that is all that matters.  I feel like it is so big I cannot look at the entire thing all at once and at times I feel like it could be slightly blinding.  We may see how much it will cost to fix the old TV, if it is minimal we may get it fixed and put that in the spare room.

- I think I am going to buy Davis one of those booster seat highchairs to sit on top of one of our barstools at the large island.  I sat him on a barstool the other night and he thought he was king of the hill, even though he could rest his chin on the counter, haha.  He was obsessed and everytime I removed him from the barstool he got very upset.

- I went to my friend's Matilda Jane trunk show last night, *le sigh*, LOVE GIRL CLOTHES!!  Good thing we have a boy, I could have easily dropped $500 on clothes for a girl.  They do sell women's clothes so I bought myself an adorable little sweater.

- I got two of the Sneaky Chef cookbooks and I must say, what great books!!  Davis has become a picky little eater the last 2 months and if you have a picky eater or you just want to make healthy, kid friendly foods for your wee one, these books are great!  It is basically just making purees to *sneak* into food.  For example I have made Davis PB&J muffins with carrots and sweet pototoes hidden in, Monkey (banana) Pancakes with hidden carrots and sweet potatoes, Mac & Cheese with hidden cauliflower and zucchini, Extra Sneaky Breakfast Ice Cream which is frozen banana, avocado, a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and plain yogurt and Grilled Cheese with hidden carrots and sweet potatoes.  I also whipped up a few extra batches of the purees to sneak into other things I make him.  So far, so good, he loves everything I've given him!!!  Win for mommy!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Have You Ever???

Have you ever been so tired that you cannot even process a thought, so tired you cannot remember how to make coffee even though you make it every day, so tired you cannot focus on anything, so tired you can barely remember your name, so tired you forgot you were married, so tired you almost forgot to feed the baby, so tired that you know that you'd be safer driving drunk than tired????

That is how tired I am.

Davis has been sick off and on for 3 weeks now, yes, 3 weeks.  Sinus infection, followed by a crazy high fever for 3 days which turned into being a nasty throat infection.  You know what a sick toddler equals, right??   No sleep.  That is right, I'm going on a good 10 days with no sleep and it isn't like Davis is a stellar sleeper to begin with.  Sleeping has never been his strong suit. Well, I sleep, but maybe at the most 5 hours a night, last night it was a whopping 2 hours.  And because I'm busy all day taking care of that toddler, chasing that toddler, attempting to cook, clean, keep up with laundry, I feel dead at night.  Only to finally get Davis in bed, go to bed myself and have him wake up 2 hours later, refusing to go back to sleep.   When we have periods like this it reminds me why we are not having another baby, no matter how much I think I want another one, I know that I cannot physically or mentally do it, I'd commit myself.  Harsh, I know.  It isn't his fault, right?  He deserves a brother or sister, right??  Maybe I'm a wimp and should suck it up and just live my life feeling like a zombie for the next 6 years because everyone else does it, looking like shit, buying stock in Clinique cover up to hide my dark circles, not feeling good about myself, not losing any of this baby weight because when it is said and done I don't have 1 ounce of energy to even do a leg lift, let alone go jogging at night.   Or I can embrace the child I have, deal with him and him only and move on with my life.

I think I'll choose the later.

At least my husband won't have to buy me the Bugaboo Donkey.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun!!

Striking a pose with mommy, he was actually in motion here, my husband did a good job playing photographer


What do we do with leaves??  That is right, put them in the water table of course.

I gotta get more leaves!!!

Playing with mommy's fitball

Mr. Man

Friday, October 1, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

I am obsessed with the show Hoarders, I've blogged about it before.  Earlier in the week I DVR'd an episode titled "Vula & Lisa".  In my opinion this should have been an hour long episode just on Vula because Lisa's hoarding didn't hold a candle to Vula's.  I've never seen such filth in my life, at certain points during the episode I had to cover my eyes, I even found myself wanting to throw up a couple of times.  I don't even know how to explain the disgustingness that was Vula's home.   She was like the crazy cat lady/hoarder rolled into one.  They found 36 cats in her home, 13 of which were DEAD!!  Yes, 13 dead cats!!  The rest of the cats were in extreme poor health.  These cats pissed and shit all over the home, all over her piles of junk, just everywhere.  Most of the time when you watch Hoarders the people have a path through their junk, not Vula, there was no path, she walked on top of junk.  Her bathtub was filled with some sort of foul looking brown liquid, in the brown liquid the professional cleaners were sifting out things, like toys and what not.  The man who owned the professional cleaning company said this was by far the worst home he'd ever been in, they even had to have the local fire department out to set up a decontamination station for everyone who had to work in the home.  The workers wore suits and these huge masks that reminded me of something you'd see in a warzone.  It took 2 days to find all the cats before they could even begin the cleaning process.  They had a deadline to meet for the local inspector and even though they did a pretty decent job cleaning up the home, it was still so bad that he had to even then condemn her home.  Every single item she had in her house had cat feces and urine all over it and it wasn't just a months worth of feces and urine, it was years.  All of her belongings were put in biohazard bags and were going to get incinirated, it wasn't even allowed to go to a local dump.  Vula was pissed!!!!  I just cannot imagine the thought process of these people, it is truly a mental illness, if it wasn't how else could you live in such squalor.

Here is a link to A&E, watch the episode, it is worth it.  But do yourself a favor and forward through Lisa. 

Merry Christmas to Me!!!!

What did I score earlier this week for $228 including tax?? 

This AMAZING KitchenAid Stand Mixer

How did I come across my fabulous deal you ask?   I went to the local Bed Bath and Beyond on a whim a few days ago with my 20% off coupon in hand, you never know what you can find there.  Okay, really I was looking for a basket.  I didn't find the basket and nearly turned around and left, then I decided eh, I'm here, I'll just walk around the store.  Once I got to the cash registers I spotted a huge section of clearance, I'm the queen of deals so I had to look around.  I was looking at clearance Yankee Candles when I glanced down at a bottom shelf.  What is that I thought myself??  Upon further inspection I discover four KitchenAid stand mixers.  Upon more inspection I discover they are the 600 Professional Series stand mixers.  I look at the price tag, $399.  Hmph!  Not a deal! Then I flip the card over and it says 33% off price on tag.  I get my phone out, do a calculation and realize it will cost me $214 with the 33% off and the additional 20% off from my coupon.  So I immediately pick up the Pearl Metallic mixer (in my opinion the best color available) and put it in my cart.  I walk up to the customer service and ask the girl why these mixers are on clearance.  She told me they had two displays of the mixers set up and took one down, they were selling those mixers.  She said there is nothing wrong with them, they have never been used, but they didn't have the boxes or instructions anymore.  Who needs a box??  And who needs instructions??  You can print anything from the internet.  I made banana bread that night, it was AMAZING!!!  How did I live without a stand mixer?  Let alone one with a bowl lift for gods sake!!

On the other hand, this was not a good purchase for my diet.