Friday, October 1, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

I am obsessed with the show Hoarders, I've blogged about it before.  Earlier in the week I DVR'd an episode titled "Vula & Lisa".  In my opinion this should have been an hour long episode just on Vula because Lisa's hoarding didn't hold a candle to Vula's.  I've never seen such filth in my life, at certain points during the episode I had to cover my eyes, I even found myself wanting to throw up a couple of times.  I don't even know how to explain the disgustingness that was Vula's home.   She was like the crazy cat lady/hoarder rolled into one.  They found 36 cats in her home, 13 of which were DEAD!!  Yes, 13 dead cats!!  The rest of the cats were in extreme poor health.  These cats pissed and shit all over the home, all over her piles of junk, just everywhere.  Most of the time when you watch Hoarders the people have a path through their junk, not Vula, there was no path, she walked on top of junk.  Her bathtub was filled with some sort of foul looking brown liquid, in the brown liquid the professional cleaners were sifting out things, like toys and what not.  The man who owned the professional cleaning company said this was by far the worst home he'd ever been in, they even had to have the local fire department out to set up a decontamination station for everyone who had to work in the home.  The workers wore suits and these huge masks that reminded me of something you'd see in a warzone.  It took 2 days to find all the cats before they could even begin the cleaning process.  They had a deadline to meet for the local inspector and even though they did a pretty decent job cleaning up the home, it was still so bad that he had to even then condemn her home.  Every single item she had in her house had cat feces and urine all over it and it wasn't just a months worth of feces and urine, it was years.  All of her belongings were put in biohazard bags and were going to get incinirated, it wasn't even allowed to go to a local dump.  Vula was pissed!!!!  I just cannot imagine the thought process of these people, it is truly a mental illness, if it wasn't how else could you live in such squalor.

Here is a link to A&E, watch the episode, it is worth it.  But do yourself a favor and forward through Lisa. 

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