Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm 35 Weeks Today with 35 Days Left!!

I can't believe Davis could be here anytime over the next few weeks, it doesn't seem like it should be here yet. The pregnancy really did go by quicker than I thought, it seemed like yesterday I just took that test and saw the word PREGNANT.

On another note, it is 53 degrees this morning, WTF?? I'll take it though! No wonder I was sweating in bed all night.

I started my new job Tuesday, as a stay at home mom. So far I've cleaned out two closets, washed about 10 loads of baby clothes, some were new that I bought, but the majority of them were baby clothes that my cousin Amy sent me (thanks Amy!!!!). I'm so happy she sent me those clothes, my little Davis honestly doesn't need anything in size newborn to 6 months, he has tons of adorable little clothes thanks to her. He will for sure be stylish this Spring and Summer.

I also ran all of the bottles, nipples, etc... through the dishwasher. I have them all out on the counter right now until I find a "Davis" area in the cupboard. When Jeff got home from Chicago last night he looked at the counter and said "Wow, looks like a baby lives here." I thought that was cute.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

33 Week Belly vs. 34 Week Belly

33 Week Belly

34 Week Belly

I'm not sure if my belly got bigger, but it looks different from last week. Jeff said it looks veiny. I think it looks whiter, but that could be the lighting. Maybe it has slightly dropped a bit?? I don't know, it feels bigger though.

I don't have a lot to update this week, but here it goes, my sinus infection is almost cleared up, Monday is my last day of work (scary!), Jeff is going to Chicago Tuesday, my 34 week appointment is Tuesday, we are going to have a 3D ultrasound Friday morning and that is about it.

My back still hurts, I'm used to it now. I just know that is something I'm going to have to live with until this little guy decides to make an appearance. I just keep thinking how great I'll feel after he is out, I'll probably be moving around like a 30 year old instead of a 90 year old!

I only gained 1/2 pound this week despite my eating Taco Bell, a fish from BK, a fish from McDonalds, an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, a frosty from Wendy's and some other random unhealthy crap. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself and drowned myself in junk food. Note to self: must get back on the healthy food bandwagon this week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not Only is My Belly the Size of Texas

I also can barely get out of a chair on my own, I walk in this old lady sort of shuffle (i need a walker), I feel disgusting, un-attractive, I'm outgrowing my maternity clothes, I've resorted to wearing my husbands sweatshirts and I now I have a sinus infection.

Can I take a pill so the next 6 weeks fly by and when I wake up my baby will be in my arms?

On the upside of things after my doctor appointment today (where it was determined I had a sinus infection), I came home because I didn't get out of there until nearly 3 p.m. and watched the season finale of the Housewives of OC (it is a good one!) and the season opener of the Housewives of NYC. I love those housewives! They made me feel slightly better.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts on Being Induced

I still believe that women who are induced have a much greater risk of having a c-section than those who are not, I personally know several women that are close to me that have been induced and ended up with a c-section. One of them is totally convinced the reason she had a c-section is because she accepted the induction and now regrets ever doing it, her doctor gave her a choice between having one and not. She wasn't even past her due date and had no problems to actually give a good reason to be induced. Makes me wonder why the OB offered it, probably for her own convenience which is sad in itself.

BUT, now that I'm inching closer to my due date and realizing the amount of discomfort I am in right now I am really trying to think what I would do if I was say 39 or 40 weeks right now and offered an induction. It would be very tempting to me. If the doctor says you gotta be induced then well I really wouldn't have a choice, but if she said well I can induce you but the choice is entirely up to you I hope I can stay strong and tough it out until I go into labor on my own or am forced to do none other than be induced.

I try not to think about these choices so much because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment if my birth doesn't go they way I think it should. I'd love to go into labor on my own, not have to have an epidural and deliver naturally. And we all know how plans can take a 360 degree turn so that is why I'm going into all of it with the whatever happens attitude. If I do end up being induced, so be it, if I end up with a c-section so be it, if I cave in and take the drugs so be it. I'm sure once I have Davis in my arms I won't even care how he got out. Heck, the drugs are probably fun. In fact I'm sure if I take them the entire labor & delivery floor will be quite entertained by me for a while.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

32 Week Belly vs. 33 Week Belly

I've decided to start taking a weekly belly picture until I deliver. I will be posting it every Sunday night and comparing it to the one from the week before.

Jeff thinks my belly has exploded since yesterday (and dropped a bit). Maybe that is why I'm so uncomfortable today.

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Are Some People Such A-Holes???

I'm so sick of rude people and their asshole comments.

Just because your misreable doesn't mean you need to be a jerk. Take your Murkey Dismal attitude somewhere else.

(if you don't know who Murkey Dismal is, you missed the Rainbow Brite Era)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Stick My Tongue Out to Cloth Diapering Negativity

Many of you know that I am going to be cloth diapering Davis, but what I do not understand is the negativity I receive from un-informed morons when I tell them I am cloth diapering. It is as if they cannot wait for me to fail. They love to tell me how horrible it will make my life, since they tried it (not) and know so much on the subject. Please give me one good reason not to cloth diaper and I won't do it, I'll go waste money on disposables and destroy the environment (and eeeewwwww poop is gross is not a good reason). Believe it or not that is the statement I most hear from people, that poop is gross. Well if you haven't figured it out yet, poop is poop, pee is pee, whether it is on a cloth diaper or a disposable diaper, the only difference is you wash a cloth diaper and reuse it, you toss a disposable into the trash. If people just did research for about 15 minutes on cloth diapering they would probably change their minds or at least not be so negative towards me about it. I do not want to hear about the horrible experience you had with the chinsey Gerber brand prefolds that are sold at major stores like Target and Babies R'Us, there is no comparison between those and what is actually avaiable. The cloth diapers, covers and accessories available are amazing, trust me, cloth diapering these days is nothing like what our mothers or grandmothers had. Look at these websites and you will see what I mean:

I'm going to close my post with saying that I am not running around with negativity towards those that choose to use disposable diapers, it is not really my business and I really don't care, it is your choice, not mine. That being said I still don't get the negativity I receive when I tell someone for the first time I'm cloth diapering. It is to bad people are so mis-informed. Out of the probably 100 people I've told I'm cloth diapering I've received a negative comment from 80 of them. Sad.

One more comment, I never said I would survive cloth diapering, I may totally fail and hate it, but how will I ever know if I don't TRY!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Follow Up: 32 Week Appointment

Everything looks great :o) My BP was 110/72, weight gaine is on track and Davis' heartrate was 145 bpm.

I discussed my awesome back pain/not being able to walk problem with my doctor and she has prescribed me physical therapy. I start my PT Thursday afternoon, I hope it helps me because if you were betting on me or a 90 year old to win a walking race I'd bet on the 90 year old. Anywho, she thinks it is a combination of my scoliosis (already prone to back pain from it), the extra out front weight (I'm all belly) and she said Davis is probably taking up home on some nerves. I'd like to evict him but it is too early, so I guess he can use them as a pillow for a little while longer :o)

I also discussed the constipation with her. She said that the Colace only works for new food you have eaten and that it would be OK to take a laxative tonight to get the stuff out of me that was in there pre-daily Colace. But I informed her no need, I finally went today!! She said as long as I keep the fiber intake up and keep doing Colace daily I should be fine from here on out. Let's hope. She also told me a funny story about her first pregnancy. She told me she literally thought she was dying because she was so constipated and she had to have her husband go out at 2 a.m. for suppositories. That made me feel better.

Have I ever said how much I love my doctor? She is so fabulous and so easy to talk to.

Monday, February 9, 2009

32 Week Appointment tomorrow!!!

I can't wait to get weighed tomorrow considering I haven't gone #2 in 4 days, you think the nurse will be offended if I tell her to subtract 5 lbs. because my bowels are full???

When my doctor asks me how I am feeling I'm going to tell her I'll feel a lot better if she can give me the following in no particular order:

1. A REAL laxative, I'm done with this Colace bullshit
2. A dirty martini
3. A bottle of 800 mg ibuprofren

After this appointment is my 34 week and then my 36 week and then I go every week!!!!! Squeeeeeeeel!!!!! I'm getting closer!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 Week Belly vs. 32 Week Bare Belly

What a difference 23 weeks makes! I can't believe how much I've popped out in even the last week. About 2 weeks ago I could still zip my pre-pregnancy winter coat up, last week I couldn't zip it up if you paid me a million dollars to try.

Friday, February 6, 2009

One Epidural and an Extra Dirty Martini Please

When I first got pregnant I was all about going natural, no drugs at all. Actually I was just planning on going in with the whatever happens attitude so I didn't set myself up for disappointment if I did decided to accept an epidural. I have started having terrible, constant, back pain, it never leaves me. I'm going to ask my doctor on Tuesday if I can just have the epidural now and they can remove it after the birth, think she will go for that?? If she says no then my next question is going to be, "Can I have an extra dirty martini every day until the birth?"

If my next 9 weeks are plagued by this back pain I might just snap.

Heck, maybe I'll pull a Britney Spears and schedule a c-section. (just kidding)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nursery Progress Pictures

The nursery is 98% finished!! As you can see we still need to hang the closet door and Jeff forgot to put the new baseboard in the closet so he needs to do that this weekend. Jeff is going to put the crib together this weekend too along with some of the other stuff we have for the room. I'll post more pictures as we get things set up.

Oh and please ignore that hideous green pole lamp. It came with Jeff, I'm pretty sure it has gone from the college frat house to adulthood with him. It has lived it's 9 lives and is soon to be sold at a garage sale or donated to the Goodwill. He doesn't know he has to part with it yet, but honestly, the lamp is ugly. I can't believe I've allowed it in our house this long.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As my due date gets closer I have had this overwhelming feeling about having a baby. I guess it is a little late now to change my mind but I'm freaking out. I'm going to be in charge of taking care of this little person and I don't have a clue about babies. I'm leaving my job which scares me, I want to stay home don't get me wrong but now that I'm looking at 3 weeks left I'm scared and I don't know who wouldn't be. We have baby stuff everywhere so it stares me in the face daily as a reminder of what is soon to be. We just won't be able to hop in the car at a moments notice to go to the store or grab ice cream, we are going to have another person that has to go with us, a helpless little person at that. I'm sure once he is here all of these fears will go away, but somedays I can't just help thinking that maybe investing in another dog would have been easier.

I think I've also decided that this will be our last and only child. I really don't think I want to be pregnant again, it isn't glamorous. Anyone who says they enjoyed pregnancy is lying.