Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Appointment and an Estimated Due Date

I had my first appointment today. It wasn't with the doctor, just her nurse. It was basically a meet and greet, discuss what to eat and what not to eat, how much excercise to get, different pre-natel testing options I needed to decide if I wanted done or not, etc..... It was a lot of information to take in.

The what to eat and what not to eat part is what got me. I know that I'm a product of the 70's and I'm sure that women were not warned about eating deli meats and contracting listeria back then. My mother probably ate cold deli meat daily and I'm fine, wait, maybe I'm not fine, is this why my toes are crooked. MOM!!!! you ate deli meat and now my toes are crooked. Okay, really I'm sure they HAVE to tell you all the horrible things that can happen, but come on, give up my Subway??? No way Jose!!!!! So, guess what I had for lunch, Oh yeah a big foot long sub from Subway complete with (Gasp) un-heated deli meats. Okay, I'm not that dumb, I will adhere to these rules, but a little un-heated deli meat every so often won't hurt. My other huge thing that I'm not sure I can give up is coffee, I love my coffee in the morning. I was told to limit myself to one cup per day of coffee, hmph! I am really going to attempt to switch to decaf, if I can find my brand (Chock Full O'Nuts) in the decaf version at the store. I did find some I could buy online, so if it comes to that it comes to that. Call me coffee junkie if you will. I'm also to avoid soft cheeses such as bleu cheese, while the nurse is telling me this I sit their giggling to myself about the blue cheese because I had some the night before. I suppose that is now off my list, boy how I love bleu cheese.

I was also informed to hang up the crack pipe (haha).

I know I sound like I'm bitching about not being able to eat this and that and I kind of am bitching, but when it comes down to it is worth giving up for a short period of time to ensure a healthy baby and health pregnancy.

One last comment about this and I'm done. I'm sure some man came up with this shit.

On another note, my estimated due date is March 9, 2009!! Woohoo!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Faint Lines and Digital Errors

It all started Wednesday, July 23, 2008. I woke up to workout and thought well, I might as well take a pregnancy test too. So, with my cheap dollar store test in hand I go to the bathroom, pee in a little cup, use the dropper to drop the pee on the test and I see a very faint, barely there pink line. It can't be a line, so I grab another cheap dollar store test, hmmmm, another faint pink line. I better make sure this is for real so I grab a 3rd one (call me obsessive) and yet another faint line. Okay, I better workout now, so I workout and keep running to the bathroom to check the tests to make sure I'm not crazy. By the time I'm done working out Jeff is awake and I make him check, he tells me he isn't sure about the lines. He is crazy I keep thinking, those are sooooooo lines. That afternoon I go buy a nice $13 digital test at Target. I get home and pee on it. I pee on it wrong, you ask how you do that, well I have no idea how, but leave it to me. It gave me the book, and according to #11 in the test instruction booklet the book means you peed on it wrong, FAIL! So, there is $13 down the toilet. I didn't want to spend more money on a $13 test, but about 7 p.m. Jeff can tell I'm itching to take a test so he sends me to Rite Aid. This time I buy a 2-pack of cheap Rite Aid brand tests and another $13 digital. I get home, pee in a cup this time rather than trying to aim for the stupid stick. I dip the cheap test in and a blue positive line comes up immediately. So I scream, Jeff runs in and says, the line is too light. Men!! So, I say OK, we will try the expensive digital. Well, about 2 minutes later it says PREGNANT. I think for a brief second about this, what is going through my head is: WTF was I thinking. I'm Pregnant??!!!??? Holy crap!!! Maizy is going to have a sister or a brother!!!

So, my next few days are consumed by thoughts of babies and baby stuff and excitement!!! I immediately purchased some stretch mark prevention cream which Jeff claims is worthless. I said how would you know, your not pregnant! I also told him that $19 stretch mark cream is cheaper than $50,000 plastic surgery to remove stretch marks later in life.

I have also noticed by Friday of this same week that my pants are tight. They are cutting my circulation off by noon. I've even lost 2 lbs.! What is going on here?? Evidentially the first few weeks of pregnancy you get bloated, I'm glad we learned about this in sex ed. So, I get online and start researching. I find this fabulous item called a Bella Band. It is a stretchy, yet fashionable band you can wear around your waist to hold up pre-pregnancy pants. You leave the pants unbuttoned and put this band around them. Fabulous invention!! Here is the website: I ordered the black one with lace. Except I bought mine on Ebay, it was brand new and a little cheaper.

I also must add that Maizy is quite excited about being a big sister, even though it will be a human baby and not a squirrel. We can't have it all now can we Maizy.