Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm 35 Weeks Today with 35 Days Left!!

I can't believe Davis could be here anytime over the next few weeks, it doesn't seem like it should be here yet. The pregnancy really did go by quicker than I thought, it seemed like yesterday I just took that test and saw the word PREGNANT.

On another note, it is 53 degrees this morning, WTF?? I'll take it though! No wonder I was sweating in bed all night.

I started my new job Tuesday, as a stay at home mom. So far I've cleaned out two closets, washed about 10 loads of baby clothes, some were new that I bought, but the majority of them were baby clothes that my cousin Amy sent me (thanks Amy!!!!). I'm so happy she sent me those clothes, my little Davis honestly doesn't need anything in size newborn to 6 months, he has tons of adorable little clothes thanks to her. He will for sure be stylish this Spring and Summer.

I also ran all of the bottles, nipples, etc... through the dishwasher. I have them all out on the counter right now until I find a "Davis" area in the cupboard. When Jeff got home from Chicago last night he looked at the counter and said "Wow, looks like a baby lives here." I thought that was cute.

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Jen and Justin said...

perfect timing - checked your blog and you posted just today! i was wondering how you've been doing job-less, hee hee. bored i thought at times? but nope, sounds like you've got plenty for now to keep you pretty busy, that's good! are you feeling overwhelmed or ok? i think it's wonderful you have time now to get all things organized and your mind in mommy mode!