Friday, October 15, 2010


I haven't done this in a while!!!  But it is a good way for me to update the blog in a quick little post.

- At Davis' 18 month appointment he of course didn't have the suggested 12 words our pediatrician said he needed so she sent us for a speech evaluation and a hearing evaluation.  She is a very pro-active doctor so this is standard for her to do if the child doesn't have this many words at 18 months.  She assured me that Davis is just fine, he has off the charts motor skills and told me that a lot of kids she sees like that do talk late, the woman that did our speech evaluation said the same thing.  We will be doing speech therapy with him though.  Our hearing evaluation is today, although I am pretty sure he can hear just fine.

- Our 4 year old LCD flat panel TV finally bit it.  Funny how we were just discussing last week how great that TV has been, then 3 days later it started acting funny and finally decided it lived it's nine lives and Monday night said it's final good bye.  We ended up with a 50" flat panel, a little large for my taste, but whatever, my husband is in love with it and that is all that matters.  I feel like it is so big I cannot look at the entire thing all at once and at times I feel like it could be slightly blinding.  We may see how much it will cost to fix the old TV, if it is minimal we may get it fixed and put that in the spare room.

- I think I am going to buy Davis one of those booster seat highchairs to sit on top of one of our barstools at the large island.  I sat him on a barstool the other night and he thought he was king of the hill, even though he could rest his chin on the counter, haha.  He was obsessed and everytime I removed him from the barstool he got very upset.

- I went to my friend's Matilda Jane trunk show last night, *le sigh*, LOVE GIRL CLOTHES!!  Good thing we have a boy, I could have easily dropped $500 on clothes for a girl.  They do sell women's clothes so I bought myself an adorable little sweater.

- I got two of the Sneaky Chef cookbooks and I must say, what great books!!  Davis has become a picky little eater the last 2 months and if you have a picky eater or you just want to make healthy, kid friendly foods for your wee one, these books are great!  It is basically just making purees to *sneak* into food.  For example I have made Davis PB&J muffins with carrots and sweet pototoes hidden in, Monkey (banana) Pancakes with hidden carrots and sweet potatoes, Mac & Cheese with hidden cauliflower and zucchini, Extra Sneaky Breakfast Ice Cream which is frozen banana, avocado, a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and plain yogurt and Grilled Cheese with hidden carrots and sweet potatoes.  I also whipped up a few extra batches of the purees to sneak into other things I make him.  So far, so good, he loves everything I've given him!!!  Win for mommy!!


Jen and Justin said...

you will grow to love your tv - esp. when watching movies on it! but make sure it's a good distance away from you - cuz that is big and if i had mine any closer than it is i would have a problem with watching it. we have the same size as your new one.


Jen and Justin said...

so the sneaky chef is just making purees? i was hoping to be over that kind of food prep... but i may find myself busting out the BabyCook here - like Davis, little Miss Stella is picky