Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fiscal Fast

I was watching this crazy show on TLC last week about super cheap people.

And by super cheap I mean, asking people at restaurants for their leftovers cheap.

So cheap, it was funny.

This one guy did something that intrigued me though and to be honest, it is a good idea.

4 times a year he went on what he called a "Fiscal Fast".

Meaning they spent no money all week on anything.

Now, I'm not getting that insane, but I'm refusing to buy groceries this week.

That is my version of a "Fiscal Fast."

We always end up with random half eaten boxes of  pasta, soup we never eat, frozen veggies, etc...

It builds up over time, we forget about it and then it goes bad and we throw it away.

Saturday I bought 4 lbs of chicken breasts.

The rest of the week we will eat chicken and whatever else I find in the cupboards and freezer.

Did I mention I am drinking our last beer as I type this?

This could get interesting.

Although going to a liquor store doesn't count, right?


Sassytimes said...

Ha. I do this all the time, but I just call it lazy. ;)

I hate grocery shopping. As long as the kids still have snacks and stuff they'll eat, I'll make us a go a week on random dinners I create out of what we have. Or peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwiches. My tag line to my husband is always "I'm saving us money..." Hahaha. Really, I'm just avoiding the grocery store. ;)

Good luck!

wrestling kitties said...

A friend at work told me about that show and said some of the people did REALLY crazy things, but that is a really good idea because we do forget to use up what we have and I hate throwing stuff away.

I was mad last night because we haven't been to the store in over a week which means we have eaten out more instead of eating stuff in the house. I was looking in our (hardly ever used) pantry to see what we could eat and I found pasta but it was expired. Then found other items that expired...some over a year ago! That is horrible. We HAVE to get better at using what we have. We also have frozen meat that I am sure is not great. Terry and I said this weekend we are cleaning out the food and I am getting a chalk board to keep track of what we have. Maybe if I attempt to get organized it will help. maybe :)