Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over It

I am totally over the itch to have another child.

I had about 5 friends all announce their 2nd pregnancies within weeks of each other and it really got me down. They are all due this summer.

Recently I had some other friends give birth.

All I have to say is, after hearing about crying babies, no sleep, and all the other not so glamorous stuff that comes along with a newborn...


Really, I am seriously happy for my friends who are expecting new bundles of joy, but truly, truly happy it isn't me.

I love my son.

But I also love sleep and sanity and realize I am a 1 kid mom and I am finally 100% happy with that.


Sassytimes said...


Sorry if my "I hate the newborn stage, I'm so sleep deprived I may go insane..." talk scares you. V really is a cutie patootie and a blessing. I realized tonight when he stopped breathing/turned stiff/purple that I need to stop complaining about him/this stage. I need to focus more on the miracle he is and how blessed we are to have him and all the times he's a really good baby. It's just a stage and it'll pass. Way too quickly and I won't even remember it.

I know what you mean though and I think that's how you know you are done. I used to see pregnant women and think "awww..." and now I think "ugh..." Ha.

Rachel A. said...

I'm glad you've figured out what is good for you and your family. Now you can fully appreciate what you've got going on now and coming up with school and everything. And you can DRINK at the end of a crazy day!!! ;)

BSunB said...

After this past week of Stella getting up 2-3 times every - and some nights wide awake for a couple of hours, I may be right there with you (not that Shawn would get on board with having another one anyway...even thought we have proven we are capable of making extremely cute babies).

wrestling kitties said...

I am too much into the new baby stage to even think about a second. People ask me, are you thinking about a second child and I just say "yes, at 12:30am when I was awake pumping I thought one is good!" But I am happy you have found that happy place with your family!

Sassytimes...what happened with V.? SCARY. Hope everything is ok. That is my biggest fear.