Wednesday, May 26, 2010

THE Honey Do List

After lots of yelling bitching subtle hints from me, my husband took it upon himself to make a "Honey Do" list for the weekend since he will have 3 whole days to get things done. Here it is:

-Weed the yard (this deserves before and after pictures if he does it as my gardens look like they belong in a trailer park, no offense to any trailer park dwellers reading this blog)

-Install the well pump (we have a well in our yard for watering so we don't have to pay the out of control water prices in this city for watering the lawn and flowers)

-Hang pictures (I have TONS of pictures that need hanging)

-Install motion lights (we got new siding last year and someone never installed the new motion lights)

-Hang house numbers (yep, the pizza dude can finally find our house)

-Get new shutters (hmmmmm, do I want white or black??)

-Clean out garage (good luck honey)

-Clean out shed (another good luck honey)

-Clean out the cars (woot!!!!!)

-New heat register covers for inside the house (ones that Davis cannot break, which is what he did with our current ones, he is Houdini)

I may even get ambitious Monday after Davis and I attend the Memorial Day Parade and buy some annuals to plant out front. I will most likely see if Grandma will keep him for the day so I can accomplish this task. Speaking of the Memorial Day Parade, Davis will be all decked out and so will his stroller!!! I've got big plans for it people :o)

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