Monday, May 31, 2010

Yard Art

I have my mom, aka the garage sale queen, looking for some yard art for me. But since I am the Ebay queen I decided I would look there too, I found this today:

I think it is cool, my husband's exact words were, "Jill, you're not homeless". Apparentely that was his way of telling me NO.

If you cannot figure out what that is, it is bottle tree. I wonder if they can make beer bottle trees? My mom would be all over that. Wait, the Beast doesn't come in bottles. Scratch that.

I suppose I'll just stick with the classics:

I really do not want the lady bending over in the garden, but I do want my own flock of pink flamingos. Call me cheap, call me trailer park, call me crazy, I do not care! I love pink flamingos dancing in the yard. I've even seen ones that you can dress, like those ducks that were all the rage in the early 90s. I promise not to dress my flamingos.

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