Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Gear Chat: Highchairs

We had this highchair first. It gets good reviews, which is why we registered for it, I was in love but as soon as Davis started feeding himself my love quickly changed to hatred. It is not the easiest highchair to clean and with Davis eating 3 meals a day in it, spending 10 minutes after each meal to clean food out of the crevices and from in between the 2 pads was getting to me. I went on the hunt for the IDEAL highchair. I wanted something with little to no padding that had a sleek look to it.

First I found this highchair. The Bloom Fresco Loft!! What a cool highchair, it is sleek, seemless and oh so urban. I was in love and best of all it is counter height, see we don't use a kitchen table, we have a huge island in our kitchen that we we at. I could pull this baby right up to the counter and Davis could eat away. The cost of this urban delight?? A not so cool $500. I just couldn't spend that on a highchair. Back to the search.

Next I found this. The Inglesina Club. Sleek, stylish, looks easy to clean. This was definitely on my list.

After finding the Inglesina I discovered this. Also stylish and wood!! It would grow with Davis too. This made it to the top of my list. But then I got to thinking, do I want a wood highchair?? I mean really wouldn't it get icky after years of scrubbing? I decided against it and this went to the bottom of my list.

Then I thought long and hard about our next highchair. I did not really want to spend a lot of money on this thing, then a lightbulb went off in my head. IKEA!!! Maybe, just maybe Ikea sold highchairs. I immediately went to their website and what did I find?? I found this. The Ikea Antilop highchair, sleek, stylish, ALL PLASTIC!!! OMG!!! It cannot get any better or cheaper than this. I bought it, it arrived in about 5 days and I must say it might be my smartest baby purchase yet (besides our stroller). I love this chair, it is super simple, so easy to clean and Davis loves it. I even put it in our bathtub yesterday and gave it a good scrub down.

This just goes to show that expensive does not always equal better. Sometimes the best baby items are the cheapest.

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Jen and Justin said...

so i know you love your high chair - but have the legs become a nuisance with tripping over them alot or were you able to get used to them? it is a cool looking high chair!