Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

I've been wanting to do Friday Fragments for a while now, I got the idea from a blogging friend of mine. I look forward to her Friday Fragments every week and hopefully you will look forward to mine.

I also realize today is Saturday, I wanted to post this last night but I was pretty tired.

My husband brought Donettes home from his softball tournament today. I told him I hadn't seen Donettes since 1985 and if I were him I wouldn't eat them. I've seen the research on Twinkies still looking like new 25 years later and I was pretty sure the same thing goes for Donettes. He ate them anyways.

I still have my Starbucks Mocha addiction, but considering it costs $4, I have replaced it with my new McDonalds McCafe Mocha addiction, half the price and almost as good.

The local news stations got all freaked out over weather last night, it totally ruined my evening of TV. I DVR two of my favorite shows every Friday, Ghost Whisperer and Medium. I went to watch them today and what is recorded instead, the local news channel going on and on about the horrible weather we never got. LAME!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to get the boot.

Since I am a geek at heart, if my husband surprised me with a vacation here, I'd never ask for another thing again, well maybe not another thing, but I wouldn't ask for anything for a while.

I want Davis to stay 1 year old forever.

Somedays I wish I worked just so I could drink coffee, chat about what happened the night before and gossip about co-workers, but then Davis wakes up and I know that I'd miss him too much every day. Yeah, most days I don't shower until noon, I rarely eat breakfast anymore, I hold my pee more often than I should, I usually have drool on me, I don't have time for a lot of things I want to do for myself anymore, I'm not as productive getting things done around the house as I used to be, but his adorable smile and laugh make it all worth it :o)

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