Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well, I Didn't Find Rats

I managed to make it out of the spare room/office in one piece.

Mid-way through operation organization I realized that I had the room nearly empty and moving it back in would just be plain silly since we were planning on fixing the walls, painting and giving the room an overhaul this spring.

So, I called my husband and informed him of my idea.

What was my idea you ask?

To fix the walls and paint this weekend, since I already had the room empty it just made sense.

He worked all night last night, most of the day today and it should be finished tomorrow!!!

Then I come in, decorating.

But I'm not very good at it, I have a hard time placing things.

I go to the store and stand there staring at pretty things but not having a clue where I'd put them and always walk out empty handed.


Where do you find your decorating ideas?

And most importantly, where do you buy your stuff?

I cannot afford to spend a lot in this room, so I'm looking for cheap.


Sassytimes said...

HomeGoods has awesome stuff for cheap! It's the home store owned by TJMaxx. It's up near Ann Arbor. I need to go there too (we bought our tile next door). Road trip? ;)

Sassytimes said...

Oh, and Ikea too!