Thursday, May 31, 2012

Secrets of the OR

I was put under what they call "twilight anesthesia" for both of my surgeries.

I was really, really out of it and am 100% positive I slept the majority of the time.

However I remember a few things.

My urologist likes to listen to really loud music while operating.

Everyone carried on conversations just like any other job, weekend plans, funny kid stories, etc...

It was amusing listening to them, heck I might have even joined in on the conversation but exact details are fuzzy. If I did join in lets hope I didn't say anything too crazy.

And the OR is freezing, as in it could double as a meat locker.

I have been fully put under with the breathing tube and whole kit and caboodle and let me tell you this twilight anesthesia is great if the type of surgery you are having allows for it.

The effects wear off quickly and you go home feeling normal, not drugged and not sick feeling.

I felt great within about 10 minutes of being in recovery both times. I even managed to con my nurse into having a volunteer wheel me down to labor & delivery to visit my friend that had a baby the day before.

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