Thursday, May 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I feel like my blog has become rather, boring.

I promise I'm going to spice it up a bit, I just need to get through these surgeries.

Right now I'm just going to play catch up on some things.

I had my semi-permanent Interstim implant last week, so far so good.  I'm always the 1% so it took nearly a week to see changes.  I don't want to jinx myself so I'm not going to say what they are yet, I promise you it is exciting though.  For right now you can see the sweet battery pack that I get to tote around, mostly I hang it from the middle of my bra, it is the most toddler friendly place to keep it and it hides well there.  Showering is a joke and a half.  I can't get my back wet, but they said I could shower, sure, that is easier said than done.  I manage, it takes twice as long as it should and I really can't wait until I get this permanently implanted so I can take a real shower.

We have been having some stellar weather here and have been enjoying the great outdoors.  As you can see from these pictures Davis has quite the collection of backyard toys and enjoys his ice cream.  He also recently got a new swingset, it isn't 100% done yet so I'll post the pictures when it is done.  4-8 hours my ass!!!!

Only as a toddler is it alright to go pantsless for a while.

I enjoyed my monthly mom's night last week with my amazing friends. I love those girls!!!!  This is what I wore:

Top: Adiva from TJ Maxx
Jeans: Silver Brand
Shoes: Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx, you can't tell in the picture but they are a really unique blue and make me appear to be 6' tall, love it!!!!
Purse: Scarlett Blake, super old, handed down from my fashionista sister
Bracelets: Amrita Singh

Nothing screams IT'S SUMMER like a messy ice cream bar out on the deck.

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