Friday, May 25, 2012

I Need a Cupcake and a Bottle of Vodka

We have had a pretty busy week.

Mama is exhausted.

Today Davis was and still is being a shit.

Yes, I said it, my 3 year old is a shit.

I remember thinking 2 was bad.

3 is a whole new ball game.

Now he can really talk, so he basically tells me where to stick it when I yell at him for things.

He thinks he can do everything himself.

Like carry an entire gallon of milk and pour into a cup.

I swear if I hear "I can do it all by myself" one more time, I'm gonna kick Little Bill in the ass. (Little Bill is a TV show and he says that all.the.time)

He throws everything he owns.

He can't just nicely find a toy, no, that is too easy, he has to throw all the other toys across the room in order to get the one he wants.

He doesn't want to wear diapers, yet doesn't want to use the potty.

He also thinks he should drive the car, not me.

I picked ramen noodles out of our shag style carpeting for over 20 minutes today.

If he is done with whatever he is eating he just throws it at the dog.

He won't wear clothes and if he does, they don't match.

His latest trick is jumping off the couch onto the floor because that isn't dangerous at all.

Did I mention I had surgery last week and am supposed to be taking it easy?

So much for that.

I just want to sit on my butt with a cupcake and a vodka tonic.

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Sassytimes said...

I just read a comment from a friend on FB that made me think of you...

She said: "Does anyone know of a support group for moms of 3 year olds?"

Someone commented: "Yes, and it's full of mothers who are more annoying than 3 year olds."

hahahaha. ;)