Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Our Feet Wet

We are casually house hunting.

Our house isn't for sale, we are not super serious, but we know we will be soon so we are beginning to get our feet wet into the real estate market just to see what is out there.

We constantly look online at homes but it is very hard to tell from pictures what a house really looks like.

Those realtors sure know how to take photos so a house looks really awesome online.

Right now we are just going to hit the open houses every Sunday, we don't want to call a realtor because we truly would be wasting their time right now.

I attended 3 open houses on Sunday, all in the same neighborhood, a neighborhood we really like.

All 3 homes were in the same price range and as far as homes go, I feel like this price is a pretty high one, high enough that I expected better out of these homes.

I left those open houses feeling really disappointed. 

The houses were first off not very clean, super cluttered and outdated feeling (homes were not even 10 years old) and even though they were 2800-3200 square feet they felt small and closed off.

I also got that feeling back that I had when we were looking for our current house.

The feeling of disgust.

I get that some people are not as clean or as organized as I am.

But for god's sake, get clean and get organized when you are selling your home.

You are not going to sell a home with a gigantic walk in closet if it is packed full of junk, crap all over the floor, boxes sitting around with underwear, piles of jewelry thrown on the dresser, cat hair clumped up on the stairs, dust all over the furniture, etc...

I don't get it.

There is a reason your home isn't selling!!!!

It is hard to get past the clutter and filth.

I have a feeling when we get serious it is going to be a very, very long road.  I also know that when we get to that point of being serious we need to look into the option of building too.

I came home and realized what a great home we have.  When we sell, someone is going to get a really great place to live. 

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Sassytimes said...

Where are you looking? Remember to look at potential and layout...for $100 you can hire someone to disinfect the entire house from top to bottom and have it sparkling clean ;)