Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was working on another blog post and got sidetracked by these Kotex ads I found.  I couldn't stop laughing, so naturally I have to let you all enjoy them too.

Wheeeee, sorry honey, I'm on my period so we can't have sex, but we can ride this horsey. 

Hey everyone, I started my period so I decided to wear my lightest color dress and carry a flower with me. I also like the way my right hand is posed, it makes me feel so womanly.

I can't believe my little girl is growing up, let's celebrate your start of womanhood by going figure skating!

I don't get this ad, at all.  It makes no sense.  These women are obviously experiencing symptoms of PMS here.  One boot, one high heeled shoe, puppies, some sort of weird graduation ceremony and that hat???  And the girl in plaid is obviously under the influence.

Obviously these are two lesbians who are seducing that football player into having a threesome.

Are these the lesbians again?  I think so, but look, each of them have boyfriends now. I think I know what is going on here during this camping trip, swinging.

She is laughing because she got this guy to take her on a Sunday drive in his sports car, followed by a picnic in a desolate area of the park where he thinks he is going to get jiggy with it.  WRONG!! I'm on my period Johnny.

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