Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Pregnancy Did to My Body

I'm not saying I'd take back having a child, so let's get that straight now. But let's all be honest here, if you have had a kid you know what happens to your body and it can make you a little sad, unless your super woman or Pam Anderson or can afford thousands of dollars of plastic surgery.

Case in point. My boobs. What happened to my perky 34C's?? Where did they go?? I guess they went to pre-baby boob heaven. I have been left with what I describe as a limp water balloon, shifting off towards my armpit boobs. I went from a 34C to a 36B?? Hmmmmmm, so they shrunk. I got fatter and my boobs got smaller. It was all awesome until I quit breastfeeding, I thought, wow they didn't change. HA!!! What a sick joke! Within days of stopping breasfeeding I was left with these.

I'm saving my change for a boob job. Dr. Rey, here I come.

Now that I think about this I should totally write to Dr. 90210 and beg to be in the show for a free boob job.

I just ordered a racerback bra from VS in 36B, yay!! But I'm happy about this, why?? Because my pre-baby bras fit funny, my boobs fall out, my shirts look bad because my bras fit terribly, so here's to looking better!

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