Sunday, June 13, 2010

BW3s Got It Right, Why Can't You??

Who hates the lighting in fitting rooms???

I know every single one of you are raising your hands high in the air.

We had lunch at BW3s today and I used the restroom which had dim lighting. Mood lighting if you will.

I looked really good in the mirrors even though my belly is a little poochey and my arms are a little flabbier than they used to be.

I mean, I was "almost" hot again.

I've decided that all fitting rooms need to take it from BW3s and get the same lighting. Booze would be helpful too, you'd sell more clothes.

Think about it, the Bar Boutique. High dollar fashions, flowing alcohol and dim lighting in the fitting rooms, hell put in some black lights and just think of what you'd sell.

Everyone looks good in black lights.

I remember going to the clubs back in the day, they all had black lights, who cares if you get sloppy drunk, puke and ruin your makeup. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY looks bad in black lights.

I have to go to Lowes and buy some black lights, for my house.

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