Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Official

I am OBSESSED with making my yard look like an oasis. Ever since I got this white picket fence I work on my yard with what little free time I have. Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to take Davis off my hands around 6 p.m. tonight and keep him overnight so I could work in the yard. I dropped Davis off, he took a ride around the yard on my dad's John Deere and after taking a few pictures I left, I went to Lowe's and bought another hanging basket, more coconut liner and some more wave Petunias. I love wave Petunias and you can never have enough. I'm going with a pink and purple theme this year. I bought a white plastic hanging basket (ick, I hate the white plastic) at a garage sale for $5, yes I did say garage sale. People do sell anything, I'll tell ya'. Anyways, I bought it for the plants only, it was a great deal for such a lovely basket full of pink impatients. I took them out and moved them into a wrought iron basket. That is now at the corner of our fence. I have a garden angel that holds a single, tiny clay pot, I put her at the other end and put a purple wave petunia in her pot. I then moved to the backyard and worked in my awesome wrought iron planter that is super cool, it has been painted white, the paint is chipping though but the chipping paint makes it that much cooler. It is a three tiered planter so I cut the coconut liner to fit each tier and added purple and pink wave petunias to each tier. It looks fab!! I promise to take pictures of all of this, but I cannot until my work is complete and at my rate of speed it might take a month. Next on my agenda is having my husband dig some of the grass up in front of my fence so I can start moving my perennials from the backyard to in front of the fence. We are going to be getting ride of a flower bed due to a grading/water issue with the house and I cannot let the flowers get thrown away, they are too old and too nice to allow that. Whatever I do not use will be put in a flower bed my husband is creating in the very front of our yard, near the road and whatever I do not use there are probably going to be up for grabs. I have about 7 daylily plants in yellow and wine, 4 very large autumn joy sedum (one of my faves), a huge spiderwort plant, 2 small spiderwort plants, an asian lily, 2 strange, yet pretty bushes that I am drawing a blank on their name right now, a huge moonbeam coreopsis, 3-4 hostas, a rhododendron and a pink lilac bush. Phew, that is A LOT!! Jeff is gonna be busy digging all of them up for me. That has me thinking, I need to save the buckets our ornamental grass came in, I can use them to store my plants in until I move them.

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Jen and Justin said...

oh boy - you did a 180 huh! from probably not getting around to your yard, flowers, this year to.....your oasis! very cool. ok - post a pic of that fence soon.

and if you do have flowers up for grab let me know!