Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fragments and Favorite Song Friday!!

I've added a new twist to my Friday Fragments called Favorite Song Friday. I have like a bazillion gagillion favorite songs so each Friday I will add one to my Friday Fragments post.

I love Kathy Griffin and despise hate Elisabeth Hasselbitch Hasselbeck. Kathy was on the view earlier this week and I lost it when I watched the segment with Kathy Griffin, the entire interview which lasted about 15 minutes with one commercial break was priceless, not only because Kathy is so funny but because you could tell Elisabeth was doing everything she could not to strangle Kathy. You could tell 30 seconds into it that Elisabeth did not want to be there, she stared off into space, everyone else was losing their shit over Kathy because she is freaking HILARIOUS, but not Elisabeth, she was stoned face the entire time. Here is a clip from where it got very entertaining with Elisabeth. I'm sure if you'd like to see the entire interview you can find it on You Tube, but I just wanted this moment.

I have been doing Yoga, I used to do it before Davis was born and forgot how much I like it.

We are hosting Fathers Day on Sunday at our house. I hope it is a nice day!!

I need to stop getting two McD's Frappes each week, bad, bad, bad. I really need to treat myself once a week instead of twice. Oops!

My husband surprised me last weekend when we went to Lowe's to buy potting soil, I was obsessing over which Petunias I wanted off the clearance rack (love clearance plants) and he was shouting at me from the other end of the plant area. I walked over and he was standing in front of the white PVC fences. I said "why are you standing here?" He said back, "well, don't you want one?" I said "yes but you keep telling me no, so stop teasing me" and I started walking away. He said, "no stop, come back I'm serious, which one do you want?". I almost fell over. I've only been bugging for a white PVC picket fence for 5 years now. We picked one out and about $200 later I have a gorgeous white picket fence in front of our house :o) I am loving it!! It looks so amazing with our new white shutters, now we just need to pick out a new white garage door and it will tie it all in. I have to finish working on my plants in the front yard. We are taking a perennial garden out of our backyard which is why our yard looks like trash but most of those plants are going elsewhere. Some in front of the fence, some in the bed right outside the front door and others will go out front near the road where my hubby is creating a new bed for me. I'll post pictures later after the work is complete.

And I know you have been waiting for my song pick this week. I am posting a current Top 40 hit, I know, so unlike me. I cannot believe it isn't a tune by the Police, Cyndi Lauper or the Rolling Stones either. Anyways, I just love this song and get happy every time I hear it come on the radio. Click below and it will take you to the song.

Soul Sister, by Train


Jen and Justin said...

omg that Elisabeth is such a beeeotch isn't she! i remember her during the presential election getting her panties all in a bunch on that show - i never watch it but for some reason i came across her during that time.

and i love that song too

Jen and Justin said...

ok - i'm going to request something - get rid of the word verification thing so i can just post my comment!

and does my blog do that? if so i'm getting rid of it! ;)