Thursday, June 24, 2010

How You Know You've Really Become a MOM

1. A fun night out no longer consists of sipping margaritas with your friends, it is going to the grocery store alone on a Tuesday night while your husband stays home with the kid(s)

2. Taking a shower before noon is a shock

3. If you wash your hair more than 3 times a week you've had a great hair week

4. Dry shampoos and baby powder become your best friend for giving some life to that un-washed hair

5. You wear shorts or capris and realize you have a weeks worth of growth on your legs because you never have time to shave and don't care, people should be lucky you made it out of the house with clothes on

6. Instead of drooling over a cool new car you drool over cool new strollers

7. You seriouisly consider a mini-van (eeek) because the doors slide open automatically and how much easier would that be, right?? (NOTE: I will NEVER own one, even though they do look fairly convenient, I have to have something that is still semi-cool)

8. You have yet to eat a hot meal at home since the baby was born and you don't mind

9. You know more about baby gear, diapers, diaper creams, baby poop, snot, drool, wipes, etc... than you should

10. You used to plan weekends of dinners out and drinking, now you plan weekends at the park, playlands, zoo and other kid friendly places and you actually love every second of it

11. Instead of looking forward to a fun vacation to some tropical island you cannot wait to take your kid(s) on vacation to Disney

12. Somedays you wonder what the fuck was I thinking when I said I wanted a kid(s)

13. But then your kid does something super cute and you forget about #12, what was life like before kids?? you cannot even remember now and wouldn't think of it being any different

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Carey said...

Hahahaha, totally agree. Even though I'm still fairly new at this parenting thing, I can see where you came up with some of these.

I am DEFINITELY considering a van before #2, 3, etc get here. Cause yea, we already know we want more.

WTF are we thinking?! LOL