Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fragments and Favorite Song Friday

My husband got a dozen cupcakes from Cake In a Cup from a vendor yesterday, he gets them often and generally gives them to a co-worker. Yesterday he brought them home. I love sugar so you can pretty much guess how many cupcakes we have left :o)

We started our 3rd swimming session on Wednesday, Davis loves it. Our instructor was adorable, she knew that I had taken the 2 previous sessions. She also lifeguards and said she remembered us. She kept asking me what we should do in our class, like I'm the expert. I guess she never teaches the baby class so she was looking for insight. It was fun, we swam in a different area of the pool so it was a nice change and she turned on the fountains for us. Our friends Ericka and Cayla are taking classes with us this time around, they used to take the class at the other Y but decided to join in on ours. Davis loves his "girlfriends."

Maizy went to the groomer yesterday, she looks like a rat.

I love those damn cupcakes.

I need to drink more water, I feel like I am lacking in the proper hydration department.

I had a mixed berry smoothie from McD's today, it was yumm-o and half the calories of a Frappe. It still isn't a Frappe though, but with my recent cupcake consumption I had to cut the fat somewhere.

And now for Favorite Song Friday. Just click the link below to listen to one of my favorite tunes.

Suds In the Bucket, Sara Evans

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Jen and Justin said...

jill, you crack me up!