Saturday, June 26, 2010

Davis' 15 Month Stats

Davis' 15 month appointment at the pediatrician was yesterday. Everything went well, he is healthy and as she calls it "long, lean and mean". I guess that is a good way to describe Davis, except he isn't mean, he is sweet :o)

Davis weighs 23 lbs. even (28th percentile for weight) and is 33 inches tall (93rd precentile for height). Maybe he is going to be a basketball player like daddy. Mommy still thinks with his long fingers he will be a pianist, but daddy doesn't like that idea.

I was asked if Davis had at least 6 words, I told her I'm lucky he has one word! I'm not even sure DaDa counts as a real word. She helped me with some ideas to get him to talk, she said we need to stop talking in sentences to him. For example when we go to get him a cup of milk or water, instead of say "Oh, let's get you a cup of water" say "cup". Just say "cup". So I guess if you hear me saying one word at a time and prounciating it really well, I've not gone crazy, I'm just trying to get my child to talk. He is supposed to have 12 words by 18 months, this is going to be a challenge. I am determined though, even if we only have 6 words by 18 months I'll be happy.

She is no longer concerned about his left food turning inward so much, at his 12 month appointment she was planning on sending him to a pediatric orthopaedic specialist at 15 months if it did not look better. She thought it looked a little better and since he gets around so well with his walking and running and climbing she is defiantely not concerned anymore. His hips and knees are super flexible too which made her feel a lot better about his foot. She informed us they rarely brace for turned in feet anymore, that is a thing of the past, they used to brace, brace, brace. That must be why I know so many people that wore a brace as a baby for turned in feet.

He also has 12 teeth!! We discovered that he had all 4 of his 1 year molars a few weeks ago and yesterday the pediatrician said he was starting to get his eye teeth because his gums are bulging. That must explain the past few days of EXTREME whining on Davis' part, we are now giving him infant ibuprofren when we notice he is fussy to help ease the pain, I've heard the eye teeth are some of the most painful to get.

Davis had 2 shots, Prevnar and Tetnus. He was supposed to have the MMR vaccine but it is grown in egg and because of his egg allergy we are holding off, I was planning on delaying that vaccine anyways, even before we knew about the egg allergy. He was also supposed to get the Varicella vaccine (chicken pox) but currently I do not feel that is necessary for him to have, he may get it down the road and then again I may opt for him not to have it. If we go to register him for kindergarten and it is required I will handle it then, if not then he will get it by the time he enters junior high school if he has not contracted the chicken pox the normal way, you know like you and I got it.

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