Saturday, December 3, 2011

We Are So Good

Last Christmas we bought a Tag Junior for Davis, he was not into it at all, unless you count throwing it at the dog being into something.

We ended up taking it away from him and my husband put it somewhere safe.

Do you think we could find the blessed thing?


We are just that good at hiding things.

I am pretty sure if we had Siri, we could ask her and she'd tell us where it was at because Jeffiri isn't able to tell me.

This is seriously driving me insane and that is the last time I tell Jeff to put something away.

Tag Junior isn't cheap.

So my question is, if you were to hide a Tag Junior, where would you hide it??


Rachel A. said...

I have one of those hiding in a box in the basement. Layla isn't in to it either. However, I'd I was hiding from you, I'd probably be in a storage tote with all your now way too big clothes that you are saving in case you want to eat 4 dozen Christmas cookies at once. That's where I have some Christmas gifts hiding. :)

Sassytimes said...

We have one of those two and neither girl is into it. I personally think it's dumb and does not do anything to help them learn to read. They play with it for about 2 seconds and then throw it down. Dumb toy. I say who cares where it is. ;)