Monday, December 19, 2011

Days 18 and 19 of Christmas

Frankly, I am tired of writing these but I am sticking to it!!!

Over the weekend we at watched the Polar Express a gazillion times because Davis is obsessed.

One of the times my husband said the kid in the nightgown that is last on the train was like him.

I asked why.

He said because like himself as a child that kid is very poor and has nothing.

That made me very sad.

I know my husband was very poor growing up but I guess I don't realize how it must have affected him.

It really makes my heart go out to kids in need. I have never known personally what it has felt like to want or need. Not that my family is rich, but we were comfortable.

I know that my husband sometimes didn't know if they'd have presents under the tree or food or shoes and that kills me. But it has also made him who he is today.

He should be very proud of what he has become considering what he came from.

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