Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7 of Christmas

Today is my dad's 63rd birthday, it was also 12 years ago today that he had a heart attack, on his 51st birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!

Now, onto Christmasy stuff.

1. When Davis feels better he and I are going to be making ornaments to give to his grandmas.  Lord help me.  I'm neither crafty nor artistic.  Davis also doesn't sit still, ever.  This is going to be interesting.

2. I keep finding Christmas bulbs in random places in the house, apparentely my little elf is taking them down.  The first day I had the tree up he managed to strip it from the middle on down of all decorations in less than 2 minutes (I was on the phone in the kitchen).  Yes, all of them.

3. I have a collection of ceramic Santa boots I inherited from my mom, she was tired of them and going to sell them at her garage sale, I always loved them so I gave them a new home.  Davis thinks they are his boots and tries to put them on his feet.  They don't fit him so he decided the dog should wear them.  They don't fit her either.  After he realized that he moved onto daddy, ummmmm, I'm sure you can guess, they didn't fit Jeffiri either.

4. I secretely want to turn our house into THAT house, you know the one that blazes with so many Christmas lights you can see it from space and has traffic backed up for miles because the entire city wants to see it.  Do you think Jeffiri will be on board with this idea? 

5. I also want a white Christmas tree, I will find one on clearance after Christmas, mark my word.  It is going to be badass next Christmas up in here with my sparkly white tree and multi-colored bulbs I will buy for it.

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wrestling kitties said...

Good luck making ornaments! you will have to show us how it goes.

We always get a real tree, but a few years ago we were traveling a lot during the holidays so it was either no tree (as if) or fake tree. We both opted for a white tree (found it at Walmart for a great price and it is a good quality) and I have to say we both LOVE it. We put blue lights on it and we even bought a base that SPINS our tree. Yeah, I know - AWESOME.

We will probably mix it up each year between a real tree and a fake tree but I must say there is something pretty great about a white Christmas tree!