Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8 of Christmas

I have several friends who make amazing art projects with their kids.

I am far from artistic and I have little patience for certain things.

Especially artsy things.

But I see all of this great stuff my friends make with their kids and decided Davis was old enough to try something with.

I decided on a handprint tree and some thumbprint reindeer ornaments.

It started out great.

Davis was all about the handprint tree.

He was not all about decorating the tree with fingerprints for ornaments or the thumbprint reindeer ornaments.

This is where it went south.

He refused to make the thumbprint reindeer. Fine, I will just make them, the grandparents won't know the difference between my thumbprint or his.

This is when his sensory issues kicked into high gear.

He was mad about the way the ornaments were standing to dry, mad about the paint on his fingers and mine, mad about the bowl of water we were using to clean our hands, you get the idea, at this point he was overstimulated and at the point of no return.

We sat on the floor together while he cried, hit and hyperventilated over the entire thing.

I am pretty sure our art project days are done.

I did get this out of it though, which I will cherish forever.

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Sassytimes said...

That turned out great!

E flips out over every art project too. She's a hot mess every time it's over...but, they get over it in the end and someday, they'll learn patience (or teach it to us, right?).