Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 of Christmas

I amazed myself and received an early Christmas present today.

A 4.0 GPA for my first semester back to college!!!!!!

I celebrated by splurging on a bottle if Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo.

And it is delicious!!

We also got blessed with Rosceola.

Yep, Davis now has Rosceola.

As if the double ear infection last week wasn't enough.

This does however explain the scary high temps he was running all weekend, hovering between 103 and 105.

This morning he woke up with the classic, lacy looking, Rosceola rash.

I called the doctor, no need to be seen, it just has to run it's course.

Thankfully, adults cannot in any way catch Rosceola so Jeff and I are in the clear. However, kids, are another story.

Here's to yet another week stuck at home.

I will say I am secretly enjoying it, last week was great, we got so much done at home, we didn't feel rushed going from place to place and best of all we had some great mommy and Davis time.

Davis likes lifting his shirt up and telling us about his rash, that according to him, is sad.


Rachel A. said...

Congrats on your grades! Great job. :)

wrestling kitties said...

Way to go on your grades and that really sucks about your son. Hope he feels better soon!