Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

Dirty Martinis and Yuengling - yum!  My sister makes the BEST dirty martini's, she missed her calling when she chose to become a librarian instead of a bartender...

My mom, enjoying a dirty martini.

Davis loved pumpkin pie, this was the first time he had ever had it and he couldn't get enough.

My dad and my sister relaxing after a yummy meal.  Davis, sans pants, as usual.

Sopapilla cheesecake, this was to die for!!  I will post the recipe later this week, it was sooooo easy and sooooo yummy.

Hokey Pokey Elmo joined us for dinner too!

Beer, wine, martini shaker - doesn't get any better than this.

Jeff and Davis at the zoo lights.

Davis and Mommy at the zoo lights.

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wrestling kitties said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving!

And no thanksgiving is complete if there is not at least one person with no pants on!