Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mommy Fail

I'm battling another cold, again.

Davis is battling conjunctivitis aka pinkeye.

I also think Davis may have caught my cold.

He woke up crying at 5 a.m. today so I got him out of his crib and carried him into the spare bedroom where we both fell back asleep together.

The next thing I hear.


Wah Wah Wah Wah!!!!!

I jump out of bed and find Davis on the floor.


He fell out of bed.

Don't tell my husband.

Aside from being completely freaked out, Davis was totally fine and after a few tears and a few hugs and kisses from mommy he fell back asleep.


Sassytimes said...

Totally not a mommy fail. He's almost 3 and has never fallen out of a bed? I'd say that's a mommy win BIG TIME. ;) Kids are less fragile than you think (or maybe your husband thinks. Haha.)

I hope you guys get better soon!

wrestling kitties said...

It is a good thing these kids are made of rubber for the most part!! We have already bumped Henry against things accidentally but he bounces off :)

Hope you all feel better!

by the way, hello!! I have seen you on Sassytimes blog and comment on my name is Jenn :)