Monday, November 21, 2011

Respect the Turkey

Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday.

I love the decorations, the music, the feeling of joy in the air.

In fact, I wanted a Christmas themed wedding, complete with a Christmas tree or two, poinsettias, Christmas music, ahhhhhhh, it would have been grand.

My husband thought it was a bad idea, people are busy enough during the holidays.

I agreed, so we went for my 2nd choice, Fall.

I still think Christmas themed would have been better, at least a little cooler, right?

If I didn't know my wedding was in October I'd have sworn it was in July since we got married on a freak 90 degree day in Ohio.

Back to my original thoughts.

Every year I feel like stores and people haul the Christmas/Holiday decorations out earlier and earlier.

The radio stations start playing Christmas music before Halloween is even here.

People have Christmas trees up, lights on the outside of their houses and are jamming out to Christmas music starting in October.

It is almost like we just pass Thanksgiving up and move right on in to Christmas.

I can't tell you how many people I"m friends with on Facebook have been posting pictures of their Christmas decorations, my sister included, but she gets a free pass since she is my sister, haha.

I feel like I'm already sick of Christmas stuff and it isn't even December yet.

Our local craft store had Christmas stuff out in July!!!!  I know, it is a craft store and people who craft might start making stuff in the summer time, but they had bulbs, trees, stockings, wreaths, etc... out in July!!!!!!!

I personally think the stores do this to get people to start thinking Christmas earlier and earlier each year, knowing that people automatically get sucked into the Christmas spirit and will buy and just spend more money.

Why can't Christmas just be about Christmas anymore?

And why can't we just RESPECT THE TURKEY!

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