Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I just texted my husband asking him if Subway had $5 subs.

I figured he'd reply with, google it or Jill, I'm working, that is the dumbest question ever.

So here is what I texted him:

Does Subway have $5 subs? 

You know if I had Siri I could ask her, but I don't.

I do however, have Jeffiri.

You know what he replied back with, this:

No, just October.

I guess he didn't think my calling him Jeffiri or whining about not having Siri was amusing.

My husband decided that the iPhone 4S that comes with Siri, who I hear is the knower of all things, wasn't worth the extra $100.

I'm starting to think Siri is worth the extra $100.

I could sit around all day and ask her dumb stuff, like:

When is Jeffiri going to change his mind about having another baby? 

Am I ever going to weigh 112 lbs. again?

Do you like my  hair this color?

Should I get a pair of cowboy boots?

and most importantly


I also think I am going to propose that Jeff legally change his name from Jeffery to Jeffiri.

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