Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MIA and some updates

I have really been MIA for a while, not a post since October 23!!!  Eeeek!!!  My first update shall explain it all.

1. My grandfather passed last Tuesday, I had been spending quite a bit of time visiting him prior to his death so it didn't leave much time for blogging or anything else for that matter.  He passed surrounded by all of us.  Sunday, October 30 we received a call from the skilled nursing facility telling us he had really taken a turn for the worst.  We all rushed up there and spent as much time as we could with him.  Monday, October 31, same thing, family came in from out of town, we spent a decent amount of the day there and left only to eat dinner and go trick or treating.  Tuesday, November 1, my husband called me (he is the administrator at the facility my grandpa was in) and told me that today was the day, grandpa was showing all the classic signs that death was eminent, only taking breaths every 30 seconds, grey fingers, dropping body temperature, etc...  I quickly made phone calls and was thankful that the daycare/therapy place Davis goes to said he could spend the day there.  I dropped him off and spent the day with the rest of my family by my grandpa's bedside.  He hadn't opened his eyes in days and the only thing he said over and over was "God Help Me".  My dad had lots of legal things to attend to that day that they needed to get done before my grandpa passed, when he returned to the facility around 2 p.m. my grandpa passed shortly after, I just know he was waiting for his oldest son (my dad) to get back.  Everyone was chatting and I looked and my grandpa and yelled at everyone to look at him, his eyes were open and so was his mouth.  He was trying to speak.  He was dying.  Within 5 minutes he was gone, he took one last huge gasp of air and that was it. 

2.  This week I am just getting back into the swing of things since last week was just so messed up.  Laundry, school, housework, cooking, etc...

3.  Pregnancy announcements still make me sad, even when I don't know the person in real life.  I follow a blog, she is pregnant, I cried over it.

4.  After my grandpa's funeral I told my husband that I feel bad Davis will be all alone when we pass someday.  His response: we are too old now to have a 2nd child.  Really Jeff?   Michelle and Jim Bob are like 50 and on their 20th child, nothing is stopping them...  Sometimes I worry this issue might just be the demise of our marriage.  Yes, I know, but I feel that way often.

5.  I have 3 weeks of classes left!!!  Woot woot!!!!

6.  So the wait list is uber long for the school I'm going to.  Still out to 2014.  I'm meeting with another local school today that has no wait list.  I had considered this school when I decided to go back, but decided that school I'm currently attending was a better choice because they offer so much of the degree online.   In reality, if I truly have to wait until 2014 to start the program, it will take 2 years after that to complete, that is just a long time.  I wouldn't be done until 2016.  Anywho, I'm considering other options.  New school will accept the classes I have taken as transfers, phew! 

7.  I belong to a bunco group and while I love it, I haven't been able to attend in 2 months because of everything I've had going on.  I feel bad about it and don't know if I should continue in the group or give my spot up.

8.  I'm also getting over the cold that has been circulating around town.  I started with it last Sunday and by Wednesday of last week I was a mess.  Saturday was my worst day, the sore throat was horrible, so bad I thought I was going to have to go find an Urgent Care on Sunday morning, the day of my grandpa's visitation.  Thankfully, Saturday was just the day that everything gets really bad before it gets better.  Sunday things started getting back to normal for me.


Jodi said...

Oh just stop taking your birth control pills and have an "accident"... tee hee. I want another baby around! Davis needs a sibling.

Sassytimes said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa Jill. It sounds like a wonderful way to go though, to have so much family around.

I've been thinking about you with all these pregnancy announcements...I just heard another one a few days ago that will come out soon. ...and I believe that you and your hubby are our (my hubby and I) ages. It's NOT OLD! It's a hard thing to deal with if you don't agree on how many children to have...I feel for you!

How exciting that you may be able to graduate sooner! What school are you looking at now?

Ugh...colds. I have had a fever for 2 days now and am so congested. I feel like crap. I hope it goes away long did yours last? Both girls are snotty and coughing too. Fun stuff. I hate winter and germs.

BSunB said...

You guys are too old to have another child? We are 38 and 42 with our first (and yes, our only because unlike you guys, we are too old for more especially given the impending deployment).

Two, are you considering Mercy? IMO...may be a good choice (if that is where you are considering) because it would cut out unnecessary courses.

Jene said...

I know exactly how you feel about the pregnancy announcements. I'm right there with you. Hang in there :(