Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Mom's Christmas List

If you haven't met my mom, you should, she is a riot.

This year instead of spending lots of money on gifts for each other we decided to each make a list of things we would like with a spending limit of $25.

Throw them into a hat and draw names.

That way everyone gets a gift, but we don't have to buy gifts for each person in the family, just one person.

Here is my Mom's list:

-Boob job
-Lipo (hips and belly)
-Face lift
-Three Olives vodka

Thankfully it is my sister who has to figure out how to get mom a boob job for $25 or less.  I told her she could probably afford 1 unit of Botox, it might help half a wrinkle.

Or she could call that guy who was doing butt implants with fix-a-flat, he probably will attempt a face lift, boob job and/or lipo too.  I mean, if you can do a butt implant with fix-a-flat you can do anything.


Sassytimes said...

Oh my gosh, that would be a great list to do a joke present with. I'm thinking water balloons in a super huge bra. ;) Funny.

BSunB said...

Now you know, I know a legit place that has a December special of $10 for a unit of botox (Thursdays only). Done by a doctor I've done reappointment paperwork on... (and yes, I'm seriously considering this for myself).