Saturday, May 14, 2011

This and That

I have lots of random thoughts and updates since I've been really bad about blogging in the past month.

1. My husband was awarded Administrator of the Year for his Region, Administrator of the Year for his District and he just found out he is Administrator of the Year for the entire company!!!  He is only the second administrator to ever get both the regional and district award and is the first administrator to ever get all three.  I am very proud of him.  If you are wondering there are a little over 260 facilities in his company.  He is also up for a national award and he will find out about that sometime in June or July.

2.   As much as I love our dog, Maizy.  She drives me nuts.  She is very neurotic and is always barking at nothing.  After a while, it gets really old. 

3.  It was 70 degrees here yesterday, which really, is nothing compared to our 90-100 degree days with 100% humidity but I think because we always go from winter to summer it is a shock to our systems.  We went to the zoo yesterday and met some friends, I was so sweaty and hot and miserable.  Davis was too.  He started getting fussy because I think he was hot so we left, when we got in the car I took his shoes and socks off and he looked at me, grabbed his feet and said, ahhhhhhhhh.  We came home and I got his baby pool out and we had a swimmingly fun afternoon.

4.  Jeff is taking me to Ikea and Homegoods in Canton, MI tomorrow, I cannot wait!!!!!!!  

5.  Our bathroom remodels are at a standstill as Jeff who relieves his days of HS baseball through men's softball has had tournaments for the past 3 weekends.  I know he loves it, but I just want the bathrooms finished.

4.  I'm really looking forward to Bunco tonight.

5.  I pulled the trigger and purchased the 2011 BOB Revolution SE in black, but it is on backorder until May 23 because black is the most popular color.  Go figure.  I can get another color, but they are all ugly, except for the purple and I don't think purple will go over well with my husband since we have a boy.

6.  I'm just going to say it, I'm really close to finally being under 140 lbs.  I haven't seen a number in the 130s since I was pregnant.  I still have 15 lbs to go to get to my goal of 125 lbs (my weight when I got pregnant), I'm hoping to be there at the end of summer, if not sooner.

7.  I'm really sad that my husband doesn't want another baby, like really, really, really sad.  It makes me cry.  He just shuts me down whenever I bring it up. 

8.  Davis has his 2 year photo shoot on Wednesday!!  2 years!!!  Where does the time go????

9.  I put my Maclaren Techno XLR on CL the other day for $190.  Which in my opinion is a good deal for a stroller that is less than a year old and used 20 times, if that.  I had a lady offer me $120.  Really??  I hate CL.  I think I am just going to keep it. 

10.  I have an order of cake pops next week, some of you know I quit making them, but I kept one order and honestly the thought of making them makes me feel sick.  I don't even want to do it.  How sad is that?  Something I loved so much, I now dread.  It was soooooooo time to take a break from it.  I just have to tell myself, one more order, one more order, you can handle 5 hours for just one more.

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Sassytimes said...

I had so much fun chatting with you at Bunco last night.

Under 130lbs is awesome, Jill! I haven't seen 130ish pounds since my early 20s. You look great!

Sorry about the baby thing. I didn't know you were that serious/sad about it. I guess I always thought you wanted another in a joking manner. That's got to be tough. Hopefully you'll both get on the same page soon! Sorry if making jokes about an "oopsie" made you sad last night. :(

CL is awful. I tried selling a brand new (seriously never used) travel system stroller that was nearly $300 for $100 and some lady offered me $50. Really? It's brand new and they still sell it at BRU for $300. I ended up keeping it too and actually ended up using it a few times.

Hope you had fun at HomeGoods and Ikea today!