Sunday, May 29, 2011

Product Preview: Clarisonic Mia

I have always suffered from acne, ever since I was about 13 years old.

I've gone to a dermatologist for nearly the last 20 years.

I hate acne.

I hate that as an adult I still suffer.

Did you know that asshat insurance companies sometimes won't cover acne medications if you are over 30?

Why you ask?

Because according to the nice customer service rep, reading from her script, "people over 30 don't get acne".

Funny.  I laughed at her.

And she had to laugh back, she knows that is bullshit.

They will cover it if you get a letter from your dermatologist though.


I've done it all, pills, retin-a, you name it, I have used it or currently use it.

In fact, I started using Retin-A in my teens, I do credit my constant use of Retin-A products to my youthful looking skin.  Really, I do.

But, even with all the prescription meds, I still breakout.

Painful, cystic breakouts.

To look at me you would say, Jill, your crazy, you have great skin.

But underneath my makeup, I don't.

I've been wanting a Clarisonic for a while, but just couldn't get over the fact they cost over $250.

Enter my sister.

Beauty product guru.

This girl knows her beauty products.

If you ever want to test something out just hop over to her apartment, she is bound to have whatever you want in her closet.

She is the queen.

I love her.

I get all her rejects.

Whenever she cleans house my mom calls me up and says "I've got a bag of goodies from Jodi's apartment"

It is like Christmas!!

My sister has a Clarisonic and loves it.

Last weekend she told me about the Clarisonic Mia.

It is technically their travel sized Clarisonic, but she thought I would like it and it is totally affordable.

It retails for $149.99, but I don't pay retail for anything.

I found one brand new, in the box on Ebay last night for $118, including shipping.

I cannot wait to get it next week!!

I promise a full review.

Who knows, maybe you will want a Clarisonic Mia too!

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The Random Blogette said...

Seriously, I had no idea that you had acne. I have acne (mostly cystic) and rosacea or something like rosacea. Also super sensitive skin. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.