Monday, May 23, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.......

I am a fan on FB of our local "couples" hotel.

It is called Belamere Suites.

The entire city basically goes there after they get married, to celebrate anniversaries, you get the idea.

Free Porn.

Hot Tub.

Some suites have swimming pools.

Private garage so you can cheat on your significant other, if you are into that.

They have recently began posting photos of their guests.

All couples of course.

Except for one guy last week, he was alone.  Weird. Wonder what he did all night with access to free porn??

What bothers me is that these people allow the Belamere Suites to take their photo and post it on FB.

Why would you let them do that??

So all their fans can picture you having sex to free porn all night??

What if you saw your parents on their FB page?

Here is Joe and Linda, celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss.


I'd die.

**disclaimer, my parents names are not Joe and Linda, I made them up, to protect the innocent**

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Sassytimes said...

This is funny because my husband and I were thinking of staying there after we got married and leaving for our honeymoon the next day...then I started thinking about how it's a couples hotel and how everyone probably goes there for sex....and how unclean hotels are...and YUCK! Imagine how much semen is all over everything at that place. If you only had a black light. LOL. Grosses me out.

We ended up just hopping on a plane right after our wedding instead. ;)